200mill to spend switching from 2h to 2x1h WW

Can anyone help me? I have 200mill to spend switching from a 2hander skorn WW build to a dual wield WW build.
Just look for the typical big damage mainhand mace/axe with socket, CD, stats, LS are all a bonus. Fast offhand such as dagger/sword w/socket, LS, CD, any stats a bonus. IAS is also something you can look for on each weapon. You can get into each for fairly cheap depending on how end game you want to get. Just remember that tornado damage is based off mainhand damage and the fast offhand is to boost up your attack/sec and make them, and WW hit faster.

Here is the thread on mechanics and breakpoints. http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4902400739

This has everything you need to understand your nados. Cheers.

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