stat requirements for monk tank in MP10

You don't have to go through all my gear and tell me what's wrong, I was just wondering what the general stat requirements were for a monk that wants to tank very well in MP10. I have geared up very defensively (9000 armor and 1000 AR buffed), and can't seem to tank that well in MP7 let alone 10, and its even harder to do damage. I was just wondering if there were any established or recommended stat levels.

It was my birthday the other day and I got 50 dollars to spend on the auction house, so I was wondering what I could do with say 100,000,000 gold to help this.
Weapons with LS, OS and CD. Radiant star emeralds in the sockets.

You need an amulet upgrade 8.5 CC (or better) and CD, maybe some IaS.

You do waaaaaaaaay too little damage. Regardless of if you can survive, I made the same mistake early days. Patch 1.0.3-4 days i stacked AR, PR and armor and had over 2000 all resists. I couldn't die but it took me 20+ minutes to kill diablo. *yawn*.
Yep sustain is equally important as mitigation. I can do mp10 just fine with 800 resist, 4.5k armor,

Your dex is very low -> your dodge is fairly low
you have about 3000 armor and 300 resists more than what it takes to "tank" MP10.
You're fine, drop some defensives, raise your dps, get more crit, get lifesteal, and 700 LoH.

and here...

"The Shield of Sparta"!UTX!ZZcacc

Happy Birthday, Scorpio. ;)
quoting myself from my other thread

"Being a tank monk isn't like being a tank barb. Most of our damage comes from single target hits and sweeping winds. Sweeping winds does not proc LOH. therefore LS>LOH for a monk.
That's why to become a efficient tank monk, you also need the damage to back it up."

I'm looking at your gear and it looks like you're at a low dps. If you want to be a strictly tank monk with >50k dps. You need a 50k hp, 800+ resist, 6000+ armor, HIGH IAS, 1500+loh + a shield.... that's just my guess. for 100m, I wouldn't be a tank monk. I'd be a 70k dps monking kicking !@#.
OK I'll try to get more IAS and crit stuff, and dex and what not. Lol I'm so worried I'm gunna screw up and waste fifty dollars.

any Items in particular I should try out (besides the new ammy)?
It's neigh impossible to be a MP 10 tank monk for 100M without taking a very long time to kill anything. You need to upgrade most of your gear and 100M isn't going to go far.
don't even think about mp10 until you get ~100k unbuffed with lifesteal mandatory (a little loh helps also)

~100k damage
50k+ hp
decent armor/resists

..Long as you have the damage+lifesteal you really just need to make yourself not 1-2 shottable and you'll be fine.
I can help you shop in about 40 mins if you want. add me scrapz#1142.. I'll be sitting in AH anyways lol
I'm also on the quest for being able to do MP10.
I was thinking I need to get up to 100k dps unbuffed, 7-800 resist, 6000 armor and between 30k-40k life.
Done it with 42.5k HP, 5200 armor and 555 resists. Only used 2x LS weapons for Siegebreaker and that was it.
5000 armor 600 all res unbuffed is enough for mp10 ..
45-50k vit 150k+dps wit aleast 2.5ls should do ok in mp10...just ok...
Thanks so much to Scrapz for helping me out. After he got through with me I was able to face tank MP10 Azmodan (ghom remains a challenge, but I was using budget gear). Woulda never been able to do that myself.
No problem.

We could definitely made you a lot better but I only used >20m to improve your gear. Gained 24 CC, 15k+ dps while maintaining almost the same amount of mitigation and sustain. You'll be switching to high dps soon, I can see it already!
I have a monk and I tank mainly and kite occasionally on mp 10. My stats are 6.5k armor, 82k dps unbuffed, 39k life, 350 AR, 1500 loh, 2.8 ls. Ect. But it really depends on you attacks. I use to have a setup that I would die all the time with, and then I changed my attacks and defenses and now I do pretty decent with the occasional 1 hit
A good rule of thumb is (imo, ymmv) if you cannot solo a goblin at the MP level you are playing, than you are playing too high an MP level.

MP10 = 200k+
If you're wanting to face tank take a look at my build/profile. Admittedly I'm a noob compared to many on this forum but I really like the stun lock / Lpss spamming ability. I have done everything up to champions and elites in MP10 Act III, no bosses yet but most content is very doable. Stun is highly under-valued in my humble opinion. Between stun and blinding flash I can control the fight most of the time. Prior to this I was always DW with a FoAz and EF and that was fun but I felt I died too often. My budget is lean so I'm progressing and building my gear through drops and good deals on the GAH.

My next big upgrades will probably be a LS weapon as either a main hand or maybe a EF offhand with LS. I tried one (EF) with ~1130 dps & 3% LS but it wasn't good enough to outweigh the mitigation of my Stormshield. 33% block is HUGE to replace. Plus I have a ton of resist on that thing to replace as well. My dps with EF w/ LS jumped around 10-20K DPS (depending on which weapon attack cycled) but it wasn't worth it on elites. I would just melt to bad affixes and boss fights even farming on MP2 showed me taking a lot more damage. Sure the fights were quicker but I was struggling a lot more with certain elite/champ combos and nearly dying. And maniacs were always a Bear in mind....I rarely die with my current build. Though I obviously know I need to improve my dps to get into the higher MP content and farm it regularly.

Anyhow, just an idea.
There is no such thing as a tank in this game.

I went that road once, I had 15,000 armor and 12,000 resists after skill use and I'd get melted.

Skills and defensive gear (i.e. pure tanking) will not add up to survivability.

So that means turning to healing and as you turn to healing you have:

1. Life on Hit: to make this work best you need to hit a lot. So that means... dual wielding, and attack speed being critical... and so immediately you start shifting away from the 30cm thick armor tank concept.

2. Lifesteal: as you start getting your AS up and dual wielding as you cross through the 75k dps line then suddenly lifesteal starts kicking in. So this of course makes you realize you can be more survivable with even more dps and since all that armor wasn't keeping you alive anyway... start dropping stuff for some more power.

There is a balance point you don't want to fall through where you just turn into paper that can get oneshot, but past that, tankiness only holds you back and makes you a useless component for your team.
There are tanks in this game, just depends on gear, per usual. Some guys can tank and some can't. Play however you wish, but stating there are no tanks in this game is nonsense.
Monks are not tanks, don't have the illusion they're made for tanking. Our paper dps is not an accurate measurement of the true dps.
Its easy to set it up to not die at all in mp10 while killing slower without dying with 2k loh, 4-5% ls and 6k armor, 1.1k ar at the expense of dps.
but at the end of the day, we try to kill faster while not dying easily as we slowly remove resist and armor for dps.

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