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Okay well lots of good stuff has happend lately.. and now we are getting news that PvP is arriving soon, so I think we should address some replayability and other things.

The Hellfire Ring

Please do not do something that everyone will regret.***** My suggestion would is to give it the SOJ treatment. Once a player has salvaged X number of rings UBER Diablo will walk the realm of Sanctuary.*******

What Uber Diablo drops is a random item that can give a recipe for a specific thing. Granting customization to peoples characters , so they arent ALL THE SAME.

Such as : give item 1 -2 sockets / grants item % LS or LoH / Chance to proc / and any other random + beneficial bonus.

Synergy Among Spells
Lots of spells have been thrown in the game just to fill up item slots with no real value. Most people stick to cookie cutter builds at higher MP levels and its really not a choice of VIABLE anymore.. its totally OPTIMAL. I remember an interview saying blizzard wanted millions of viable builds, but currently its not like that.

I know this had to do a lot with skill trees, but if Barbarians and Wizzards have a synergy build so should all the other classes.

Hopefully they can do these changes b4 an expansion.
And a CM can see this thread and pass it on i really think the UBER DIABLO idea is a good one.

Add a new UBER DIABLO option for salvaging hellfire rings that drops a random plan that could add to customization of characters and passive/talent synergy for ALL classes - more then one or two builds.
what they should do is making the hellfire ring like the torch/ani cham in D2 usefull ...

Its really not fun to craft like 20 or even 30 rings only to receive garbage rings. Make it harder to get. Alright. But give it a MUCH better and higher chance to get some usefull affixes.
just a quicky bumpy so hopefully a CM like vae or lyl sees this idea.. hellfire ring salvage = uber diablo walks earth GG

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