What Item would you like to see back in D3?

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What D2 Items would you like to see back?

War Travelers - Great boots I would love to see drop in D3
Angelic Raiment - Great low level set.
Breath Of The Dying...
Zod-bugged Enigma, Zod-bugged 08 Valks, and Wraith Brands.
Trang Oul's Avatar was an awesome set. I loved that it changed your appearance and gave you a bunch of spectacular ornamental skills.
items will be fixed with patches and expansions

Can I Please get skills back every skill in D3 is much weaker then a comparable D2 skill

D2 teleport >>>>>>>> D3 teleport
D2 light nova >>>>>>>> D3 wave of force

I hate all the skills in D3 scrap them all and redo!

D2 teleport >>>>>>>> D3 teleport


Crown of Ages would be cool tho...
11/30/2012 01:41 PMPosted by Tazok
Breath Of The Dying...

I miss my wolf druid with e botd CM
Obviously Bonesnap.
Some form of Lycander's or Kuko would be nice. GIVE US MORE BOWS!! I don't like having to choose between Manticore and WF only.
Khalim's Will, except buffed a bit so it became a higher level item.
Vampire Gaze FTW
six socket items
Runes, Rune Words, Jewels, Charms.
I came into this topic thinking Arch Angel's Staff of Apocalypse then saw it was for D2 items only. Boo!
all of them then double it with new ones
well not an item but instead a skill. i would like to see the " death sentry's " from the assassins bag of tricks and traps. death sentry's blew up when a baddie got close to to a corpse. corpse explosion good and sounded really wet. i really miss that.

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