soo servers are up..still cant connect???

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tried logging in and its saying that servers are still down, i click server status link redirects to the the page and it says all servers are up and running..lets do something bout this eh?? i wanna get my 8 hours in so i can get my 3 legendaries today.
I'm having the same issue- I launch the game and get this notice:

Battle.nets service is down for maintenance. Please
check the [Server Status] page for more information.
(Error 33)

Clicking on [Server Status] and my web browser says all worldwide servers are up and running...
The servers are under maintenance it says right at login they are conducting maintenance from 5 PDT till about 7 PDT google PDT there are sites that tell you what time it is currently in PDT so until 7 pdt expect server issues, and that includes the server status page:P
load of crap dude, if the servers are "down" the server status page should relate..isnt that what it is for? also 7 pdt is past and servers are still down...
I too am outraged that this game is down for 2 or more hours over the course of a week during bottom play hours. How dare Blizzard not have the game completely functional and error free 100% of the time. There is absolutely nothing else in the world that I can do right now other than somehow be amazed that scheduled maintenance is occurring, and proceed to gripe about my amazement.
Well it does say it's an approximation. I'm just relaying the information that is given to all of us but most people seem to over look as there are always people who QQ in the forums during every patch thus far.

I don't know why the server page isn't reflecting the true server status, maybe that's part of what they are trying to fix right now.

Granted the communication from Blizz is pretty bad over the past few patches. The best we can do is wait and see.
does it take a lot of effort to write a blue post informing if there's gona be delay in the servers returning?
Until the Breaking News section on the client says they are finished, expect to be unable to play.
it sas it suppsed to be up at 7 pst how am i suppose to pst if i cant log in gg blizz
Is this gonna happen...
In GMT +2 it should have been over at 3pm, it's now 5pm.. maintenance taken much longer... Like Dexter says... that hard to keep us posted about delays?
I mean this happens just about every patch day, says it will be up at a certain time but in actuality, gets pushed back at least a couple more hours...i understand that blizzard needs to do what they need to do but i agree they should at least give us the common courtesy of a blue post stating that they will be taking longer than expected. what really chaps my !@# is that it let me log in, switch quests and when i go to start game it kicks me, thus starting the waiting game.
So no updates on when it will be finally be finished?
I'm eating scrambled eggs. They're delicious!
just updates over and over but still cant log in. wth
almost 1 hour after, still not up? -.-
I'm jealous. I'm having BBQ pringles that were left out of the can for a couple days.
expect another hour or two...these other 2 bugs they need to waste our day fixing are suuper important
I'm going to go make some toast.... lol
I too feel the same way about Blizzards lack of "communication"... I ran into the same problem as most people here... game is still down but the site server says it is up and running.

Blizzard really loves not communicating with us... even though WE had paid quite a bit for their game... a little courtesy and respect DOES go a very long way Blizzard!! I would appreciate seeing a blue note as well mentioning about being delayed... -_-'

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