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Aww so #8 will affect those that use Blackthornes which is very good for brawling. Could you make a seperate field to add the amount of damage reduction we have? I think there are reduced elite, melee, and ranged types. I guess we just have to do the honor system for this.
Here's another thought. Dodge is obviously very good, but it's not effective vs some key attacks such as Rend and Haunt. I should probably devalue the dodge part of ehp by half or so to account for this. So a DH with 2M ehp who gets half of it from dodge should have a ehp score based on 1.5m ehp.

I'm trying to put together some pvp thoughts as I go along. Comments are welcome!
pls rate my gear
02/16/2013 05:20 AMPosted by Deathknight
pls rate my gear

Wrong thread.
Finally getting around to doing this.

I plugged in my most common builds. Those being my solo farming build and my solo MP10 build.


Speed Runs/Farming

Hall Score: 55,822.49

DPS Score: 333.58
EHP Score: 71.30
Sustain Score: 1.19
Move Score: 1.25
Paragon Score: 1.50
Misc Score: 1.05

Most common MP10 build

Hall Score: 53,596.04

DPS Score: 276.45
EHP Score: 82.54
Sustain Score: 1.33
Move Score: 1.12
Paragon Score: 1.50
Misc Score: 1.05
As you might imagine, with my MP10 build I use most often, I survive anything, so long as I am paying attention. I was surprised to find that score lower than my farming build. In either case I only run 30 discipline. Dunno how much of an impact that makes. It seems unbuffed dps gives the largest increase to score. Right now that is 333k and change I think.

Looking forward to setting up a new 2 hander build once I find a suitable one. Played 2 hand xbow through 1.0.3 before playing with 1 handers and 2 hand bows, finally switching to Calamity/DML or DW at 1.0.4. Much has changed since then and I would like to try 2 hand bow/xbow again, but for me to bother I have to find something that is either an upgrade or, more or less, a parallel option offering a different play style.

Interesting thread. Thumbs up.
did a slight gear upgrade

Hall Score: 65,032.68

DPS Score: 411.79
EHP Score: 78.42
Sustain Score: 1.11
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.43
Misc Score: 1.03
Found a Manticore that made me happy enough and plugged it into the site.

Hall Score: 65,515.70

DPS Score: 388.13
EHP Score: 73.06
Sustain Score: 1.20
Move Score: 1.25
Paragon Score: 1.50
Misc Score: 1.02

Please put me in 2 hand xbow, but keep my 1 hand xbow entry as well. Just wanted to see how I fared as 2 hander and before I started playing around with that build.
You have to pick 1 wing only. Otherwise the same player with godly gears can dominate all the wings by just switching weapons.
My bad, not looking to dominate all halls. I was just playing with numbers. You can leave me in the 1 hander category. I prefer that style of play.

Just for giggles, to follow up, if I toss on my EHP gear that I use on my 1 hander build, we see a similar drop in the overall score here quite a bit. On Diabloprogress, the same changes bring my PvP DH Americas score from 14 to 12. Thanks for putting this together. Fun playing around.

Hall Score: 60,859.61

DPS Score: 323.69
EHP Score: 83.69
Sustain Score: 1.31
Move Score: 1.12
Paragon Score: 1.50
Misc Score: 1.02
Looks like DP and the various other sites aren't showing BoE items yet. Might have to wait for them to fix the issue before recalcing your score if you've done some crafting.
I have yet to craft much outside of the gems, but plan on trying it at some point. Good to know. Thanks.
Ok, here is how I'm going to be recalcing ehp from scratch. There will be some adjustments for shields as well, but it won't affect the vast majority of DHs.

1) I will assume level 63 opponent in PVE and level 60 in PVP

2) I will assume 0% inherent DR for PVE and 30% inherent DR for PVP.

3) EHP from dodge will be given 75% credit for PVE and 50% credit for PVP.

Note that this will produce an ehp number for everyone that's likely to be significantly lower than the DP number or numbers from d3rawr or d3up or any of the various sites. Dodge is either factored in completely or not factored at all in these sites.

The following post will give a detailed example of how ehp will be calculated. It will have a lot of math, so skip if you don't want to read the technical details.
Assume a character with:

400 AR
4000 Armor
50% dodge
50k HP

For PVE:

55.9% AR reduction
55.9% armor reduction
0% inherent reduction

Total 80.59% reduction

EHP is 50k/.1941 = 257.6k ehp

.5 dodge

Raw ehp with dodge is 515.2k

Net ehp after 75% factor is (515.2k-257.6k)*.75+257.6k = 450.8k

For PVP:

57.1% AR reduction
57.1% armor reduction
30% inherent reduction

Total 87.14% reduction

EHP is 50k/.1286 = 388.9k ehp

.5 dodge

Raw ehp with dodge is 777.8k

Net ehp after 50% factor is (777.8k-388.9k)*.5+388.9k = 583.3k
It looks like Tomaka can pull info from D3up instead of DP. This will give much more detailed and accurate results since their summary is more comprehensive. Here is what I'm thinking of including:

1) All individual resists are included. I'm thinking of weighting physical by 3, arcane/fire by 2, and all others by 1. So phys*3 + arcane*2 + fire*2 + poison + lightning + cold all divided by 10 to get weighted average resists.

2) Crowd Control reduction can be factored in. Will only use for PVP calc. Maybe 1% bonus per 5 CC reduction.

3) Elite damage reduction will finally be included. I will weight 75% for PVE and 100% for PVP

4) PUR can be included. Only for PVE, not for PVP. Maybe a 1% bonus for every 5 PUR you have.

5) Health Globe bonus. I might want to include in PVP. Maybe 2% bonus if you have any at all. Not sure whether it's worth the bother.
Think i can finally break back into the list for 1 handers and dp has no ammy for any players :(

Working hard at getting back on the list.

Hall Score: 43,890.67

DPS Score: 230.30
EHP Score: 83.50
Sustain Score: 1.15
Move Score: 1.12
Paragon Score: 1.49
Misc Score: 1.19
Hall Score: 45,143.01

DPS Score: 395.65
EHP Score: 46.48
Sustain Score: 1.29
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.50
Misc Score: 1.03

Here's mine lol
Hall Score: 45,691.84

DPS Score: 262.38
EHP Score: 77.45
Sustain Score: 1.10
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.50
Misc Score: 1.10

Finally got a new score with Ruby and a few craft upgrades

Hall Score: 50,685.59

DPS Score: 294.35
EHP Score: 76.36
Sustain Score: 1.15
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.50
Misc Score: 1.05

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