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hi, id like to report something that i did notice today.

only about 20-30% of the items i put up actually show in the auction house. it happens both in the gold ah aswell as the rma.

thought id give a heads up and maybe hear if its not just me.
did some testing, it seems there are only certain of my items it happens to. also canceled one of them, equipped it and unequippied then put it in inventory. after that procedure i put it back on ah, and now this time it showed.

got no idea whats going on
I have the exact same problem with a triumvirate which I got on sale. Can find it in a search.

I also noticed that when I'm sorting on "time left" some of the items disapers..
i have same problem

7 items out of 10 werent in AH (hardcore), all kind of items (rare/legs/set)

edit : i put on equip, unequip & put in inv, but doesnt works
Same here,,,,, PLEASE Blizzard fix the bug.
Having the same problem - life is sux
Guys, i have the same problem! This is even not a delay... Some of my items didnt show in the search lists for 2 days. Will someone of BLIZZARD fix this problem? Why did we pay for this game? We are waiting!
bump, this still needs fixing.

i think most ppl have this problem, its only that they dont notice it
agree, bug alert >.<
Same thing, cant sell my mempo on AH.
same here, and there are lots of expired items on the list
Similar problem. Bought something and now its vanished. I don't know if I won the bid or not, or where the money is. I've found lots of people with the same problem. Some get stuff back others don't. Either way Bliz are not bothering to respond to complaints. Whether they are doing anything or not nobody knows.
Same problem here.... i cannot sell my 250kk weapon in AH...

Pls fix bug!
Same problem, thought i fixed it by gemming the item, but turns out that was just a coincidence. Keep trying and eventually it will show up i guess. Sucks tho.
Fix plz! :D
Finally got something to show up. Put up a leg for 2k, sub brimstone, 8 hours later no sale.

What I did was equip it and sell it off my body. 5 minutes up instasale. Gonna test it with real items now, hopefully get some money back into my personal economy.
I have got several items that doesn't show up in the search after I put them up for sale (after 5 min). I'm on the EU server.
Hello, I am getting the same bug too. When I try to find my item in auction house, only the old entry apprears with expired status (I canceled the old one), the new entry with new price does not appear so it is impossible to make a sale.
some one from blizzard please answer, give us update?

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