Error 3 - login information incorrect?

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I'm getting an error that my login information is incorrect since the 1.0.6 patch. Nothing for me has changed on my side. I use the same id, the same password, and the same mobile authenticator as I did previously.

Can I get some help?
It has something to do with the mobile Authenticator.

It accepts my password. I have tested this by purposefully putting in an incorrect password. It gives me the Error 3 even before it gives me the option to put in an authenticator. However, putting in my correct password brings me to the Authenticator. Putting in the code gives me an immediate Error 3, login information incorrect.
I'm so glad that this is a tech support section. Because I got so much support for my technical problem. *sigh*

As it is, I fixed it myself. I removed my Authenticator, had it removed from my account, deleted the app from my phone, re-downloaded it, and re-attached the authenticator to my account.

It works fine, now.
Hey man I have the same problem as well. So removing the authenticator seems to solve the problem? I'll try it out.
Yeah that doesnt seem to work for me it wont even let me remove the authenticator. Keeps saying my first code is wrong. !@#$%^-.
Blue post would be just swell right about now...
Try hitting the re-sync button on the authenticator. I did that before I removed it, and it worked.

It is the little circle-arrows in the bottom left

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