Anyone else rubberband when using a TR build?

I have played since launch and never ever experienced rubberbanding until I went TR with my monk combined with 24% movement speed. But I dropped the MS on my boots and only run with 12% and everything is just fine. Is losing 12% MS really going to be noticeable with perma Tempest Rush up when doing Alkaizer runs for exp and loot? Im even scared to get Fleeting shrines cause they can cause me to rubberband as well. Is this on my end or theirs?
Its theirs, I rubber band all the time, I actually get disconnected frequently especially if a lot of monsters appear on the screen at once. I am running at 24% with fleet footed and the 3x speed bonus from one of the spirit generators. I rarely have to actually run my TR now as I run everywhere so fast without having to use it.
It depends if you're running with MP or without MP.

When I play in public games MP0, I have 34% MS and I don't think I can go back. I literally Tempest Rush through all white mobs, and if i run out of spirit, I'd hit a few, and keep running till I see an elite.

But when I'm running MP5+ with friends, we try to clear all white mobs. Then I switch over to a more conservative build without Fleet Footed and Chant of Resonance.
I don't rubber-band any more because I stopped using Tempest Rush. Because of all the rubber-banding.
It depends on the situation, but it happens often with TR, sometimes even three times in succession. It's the only skill/situation that it happens consistently with.

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