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New patch issue...Says my game is updated...but won't load. Keeps going back to login! Advise! This is a drag. Just got on Act 3 can even play. Has been this way since yesterday. Like playing this game but it does have a lot of issues. Would be greatful for any help figuring this out.
This is what it says when I try to log in: Patch required

A new patch for Diablo III is available. The game will now close and apply the patch automatically. You will be able to continue playing after the patch has been applied.

Then when I hit OK it goes back to first window that says PLAY. Then when I hit play to log in it keeps saying the same thing over and over have now tried several times and nothing happens. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions I really don't want to have to re-install the game and loose all my stuff.
Having same issue and cant find anything on the forums or tech support site. We having some extended duration maintenance?
I am also having this issue.
C:\Games\Diablo III\.agent.db


Make sure it's US istead of EU
Mine says US .... Didnt help anything, but thx for trying.
Could you try what's described in the following two articles please?

If the above doesn't resolve it, delete the Diablo III\Updates folder and these two files in the Diablo III folder: Diablo III.tfil and Diablo III.mfil

Try the game again after that.
Did the first 2 and relaunched no prob. Thanks for the help.
I tried both links and none worked and still doing the some thing. Where do you get the patches for the game?

Patches are obtained automatically by the game client if it sees you need one. By the way, you won't lose anything by reinstalling. All of your character and inventory are maintained on our servers, not your PC.

Try deleting the Diablo III\Updates folder and these two files in the Diablo III folder: Diablo III.mfil and Diablo III.tfil

Then try the game again.
worked for me thanks
Thx for the help worked great !

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