3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

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Actually let me clarify about the Boss fights.

The only interesting Boss battle in the game was Belial.

By comparison the rest were just plain boring

A Rampant AI~
2 words.. THE COMMUNITY!
1) NO "ID ALL" functionality..I mean, how hard is it to transition from D2 to D3 with concept.
2) farming for key's over and over again with this stupid % drop rate....farming for keys shouldn't be the pain, the ubers should. Everyone know's MP5+ will get you keys...MP0-4 is a waste..why not just have one straight % across the board. I feel like the Dunkin Donuts guy "Time to make an Infernal Machine again"
3) Whyrmshire....really..still here?...Nothing new? No new caves or secret lvl's!
1) Class specific items that do not have the primary skill for that class. Also class specific items that have stats that are of no use to that character class like int on a barbarian belt or weapon, etc Any class specific item should have the primary stat for that class and should never have stats that are useless for it, period.

2) See #1 above

3) See #1 above
The things I dislike the most about this game are:

1) No viable gambling for high level players. In D2 you could find 2 armors, cash them in for 35k each, and have enough cash to gamble a ring, or ammy. In D3 you need to find about 60 armors, cash them in for about 2k each, find and salvage a bunch of other gear, and then you can forge 1 high end piece of gear, and you can't make jewelery.

2) No way to add a socket to an item. I've had so many pieces of gear that were really good, except they didn't have a socket. The value of the gear went from 100m+ to about 1m instantly.

3) The total disconnect with gold in softcore. Right now everyone thinks their gear should sell for 100m+, and I've even seen threads discussing why the 2b cap on the auction house is too low. The amount of hours you'd have to play without trading on the AH to get 2b in gold is insanely high. The only reason why anything sells for 2b now is because the gold bots flooded the market with gold, and the gem duping elliminated one of the main gold sinks in the game. I'd bet that most players haven't even reached 200m in gold pickup (you can check your stats on your profile), but everyone thinks that they should find a piece of gear that sells for 500m. If Blizz is truely cracking down on botters, and dupers, then the gear prices should be sinking significantly. The problem here though is that most of the gear will just sit on the AH while these price adjustments are being made. By the way, if you want confirmation of this disconnect, just take a look at the hardcore AH, and ask why there is such a huge difference.
That, 6 months after buying the game I'm still waiting for PVP, and that the best I can hope for is to be crammed into a tiny arena by a matchmaker service with only 3 other players. FAIL.


1. Severe lack of engagement by Blue Posters. They need to comment on the important things and not the small talk posts.

2. Delusional people who still cling to the stupid D2 is better comments. I laugh everytime I hear that romanticizing yet they continue to play D3. Why? Because as much as people hate to admit it there were MUCH worse problems in D2. NOONE plays D2 because it sucks in comparison.

3. Stealth Nerf to the WW Fury last maintenance. They need to just buff other skills to give more compelling choices and stop with the nerfs.
1. Still too buggy,
2. Not enough content
3. Followers are still too week

I could definitely go on.
The fact there are 2 things to do in this game.
1) Farm Paragon.
2) Farm things affiliated with Infernal Machine.
3) I can't hate 3 things about the game if there are only 2.
Would be nice to see some ugh I don't know more options?
In D2 I could always go farm an SoJ, some runes or gems, or go destroy BIG groups of cows.
I guess this game took 10 years to make.
Tal rasha set Bonuses
Reflect damage
Crappy Legendaries
1) its not enough like d2 in the important ways (crafting, i.d. all, socketing things, random maps, etc)

2) blizzard obviously has a lack of motivation or are too busy with WoW

3) messed up drop rates and no new quests...and srsly no PVP yet? we dont want arena crap we want in-game hostiling just like the ol' days!
hopefully an expansion is coming soon to fix all the issues and make the d2 generation happy :)
I'm only going to put one reason here because.
#1 Its simple in concept
#2 It's broad in scope.
I can sum it up in one word "progression". I'm sure others have touched on it peripherally and/or specifically in previous posts; however I would like to add my two cents. I often enjoy playing the game alone and I have logged hundreds of hours in game play with my various characters. My gear on all my characters is a mix of AH items and farmed items. As I'm sure with most people. Unless your willing to buy gold and spend billions on the best gear, the game quickly goes nowhere. We have the ability to set monster power to 10, but no ability to get there. If I want to play the game single player there should be a way for me to to progress from monster power 0 to 10 in a reasonable time frame. 1 - 2 years? Because there is no progression in getting item upgrades; whether that's with either new items or a way to buff existing items, there will be no progression to monster power 10, and the game quickly stagnates and becomes purposeless. Blizzard has thousands of people logging a collective 10's of thousands of hours of game play for no benefit to their characters and no purpose.
Any situation where you are trapped with skills on cd and more than 2 arcane spawn on you.
The Community can be absurdly negative and outright hateful towards eachother and play off their sad behavior as trolling. Community can be so bad it counts as 2.
1) Potion cooldown. "I will not do that..." despite the fact that I'm about to die. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm bad, L2P and all that jazz...whatever. No viable reason whatsoever for the ridiculously long potion cooldown.

2) Inability to filter junk items from being picked up accidentally.

3). ID all.
12/02/2012 11:17 AMPosted by cTsCorvette
1) Potion cooldown. "I will not do that..." despite the fact that I'm about to die. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm bad, L2P and all that jazz...whatever. No viable reason whatsoever for the ridiculously long potion cooldown.

Why are there potion cooldowns in any game? Take a swig, toss the bottle. Drink another! What, they addictive or something? Got some kind of poison in them that isn't lethal if you take some time between drinks? "Point pl0x!"
Random matchmaking sucks!
1. qq threads
2. bots
3. no PVP (would like a pvp system like d2.)
1. No duels or pk. Not a pvp arena fan(if i want arena i'll just stay in wow)

2. Lack of runes and runewords, or anything that is similar. Runeword is just fun. Crafting in d3 is pure boring

3. No ladder system. It was always the ladder resets that brought me back to d2 over and over again

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