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1 itemization.

There are just too many affixes required on each item for them to be useful. An item with very high stats in a couple of areas is essentially useless if it does not have the other 2 or three required stats. Since there are no charms or skill trees, the gear pieces are the only way to get those stats. As a result items like... lets say frostburn gloves, are useless. Frosties have a nice cold dmg mod on them but you cant use them because they lack all other important stats for gloves and you can not make up for that lack on other pieces because all other slots are in the same situation. As a result there are only 1 or 2 good gear choices per slot=bad diversity.

2 skills

the majority of skill runes are underpowered. For most skills there are 1 or 2 runes that are far superior to the other runes. Again this = bad diversity.


They have such a nice crafting system, its a shame that there is nothing worth crafting.

lots of other problems but id say those are my top three in order.
1. Crafting - So much potential, but its just so, so bad.

2. No skill tree or choice to allocate your skill points. - Makes me feel like I cant be trusted or I'm being treated like an idiot.

3. The online community - No lobbies with tittles or search engine functions for certain games. People are generally unfriendly and never talk even when you try to talk to them.
I enjoy the game, that being said I am still annoyed by certain things.

1. Online only. This will never change but, I don't even play HC and it's annoying to die via lag spike or to have entire days I can't play due to maintenance/server issues. And it's not like it's stopping the spammers/botters/hackers.

2. Basic flaw in the skill/item system, where everything is dependent on weapon damage and primary stat. It makes it almost impossible for rare items to be useful/profitable.

3. When you hover over an item in the AH, there NEEDS to be the dps calculations to compare with your equipped items. The fact that some upgrades are extremely expensive and you can't tell how much of an upgrade it is without alt-tabbing into a spreadsheet (which can easily be inaccurate if not updated precisely) is ridiculous to the point of being absurd.

Sorry you are having lag spikes that cause you to die..I'm not seeing any of death ( im too good dude!), but I agree that rubber banding is also annoying.

Skill issue does not bother me.

I agree about AH lack of detail.

1. repetitive + super-lame plot
2. nothing to do besides senseless leveling and farming -- lack of modes
3. useless blacksmith (never used it to craft any equipment, not even for curiosity) and jeweler (adding that jeweler only so that you can upgrade your gems? Wow, what a huge role!)
(4. liquid rainbow)

It's done when it's done my *ss, a 15 year old kid could think of ways to make the game more fun
1. repetitive + super-lame plot
2. nothing to do besides senseless leveling and farming -- lack of modes
3. useless blacksmith (never used it to craft any equipment, not even for curiosity) and jeweler (adding that jeweler only so that you can upgrade your gems? Wow, what a huge role!)
(4. liquid rainbow)

It's done when it's done my *ss, a 15 year old kid could think of ways to make the game more fun

Fun, plot is fine, were you expecting a book dude ? Farming IS Diablo(2), blacksmith rarely has anything GOOD but then Iam being stingy and not upgrading MUCH; rainbow issues, find anger management ?; rude and profane language on the rest SHAME dude!

The game is pretty fun but these forums sure get me worked up.
1. Cookie cutter builds. There's very little diversification between builds. Unless you run a certain build, you're gimping yourself. I remember before D3 came out, Blizzard talked about people being able to play how they wanted, but that only works prior to inferno difficulty.

2. Class-specific items not rolling main stat. Hey look! Another Heaven's Hand with 200 int! A mighty weapon with dex? If only one class can use the weapon, give the item a higher chance to roll that class's main stat...Legendaries are the only items that only roll main stat with a random chance to roll off stats and sometimes even they roll a higher off stat than main.

3. Useless crap. 99.99% of the loot in this game is complete crap, and that's being generous. I'm on a crusade from here on out, I will not buy, from the AH, anything for my monk until I actually FIND (from a monster, event, or chest loot drop) an upgrade. I have a feeling my monk's gonna be the same until PL100 or my alts will get heavily twinked.
1. paycheck

2. v.s.

3. paycheck.
1- Rares / Legendarys or Set pieces you find will 99.9% be crap rolls

2- Reflect Damage Forced to Play With Gloom and even with Gloom i cant use Bola Shot or i still 2 shot myself or with mines

3- Bots In Multiplayer
1. The biggest, most frustrating thing for me is that the game is just to short. Acts keep getting shorter and shorter as you progress. It is as if Blizzard developers were hurrying in releasing the game so much that they simply left it unfinished. Act 3 is significantly shorter than the first two Acts while Act 4 doesn't even qualify as a separate Act. I mean, it becomes so boring after a while as you constantly have to run the same areas, kill the same monsters, hear the same music, over and over and over again. Just imagine for a moment how great it would be if you had 5 acts to choose from for your farming. Even further, imagine if there were special farming-friendly areas (like the 7 tombs in Canyon of the Magi in D2 A2). Imagine getting an almost guaranteed legendary in those areas once you reach plvl 50 or above.

2. Fix the issue with HC characters dying every time there is a lack of communication between the client and the server. I never lost a hero in HC mode during the game but only and exclusively from things that are beyond my control such as internet connection failure or server failure. In SC this is fine because people can just restart but with HC players it's completely unacceptable. One of the main reasons why I don't progress my HC character substantially is because I don't know what I would do if I'd reach a high paragon level and than suddenly I lose connection with the server and my character dies, just like that.

3. Add higher/better rewards upon finishing quests. Even in inferno upon finishing a quest we get a lousy 800 gold. I think anything between 5,000 and 10,000 would be far more reasonable, as it would somewhat increase the will and the interest of players to actually care about completing them again. Also, what happened with imbue or socketing items that we so gracefully cared in D2? Wouldn't it be nice if we started a quest which upon completion provides us with, let's say, permanent +5 strength, vitality or, better yet, +5 all resistance? Or maybe even improves further one of our skills? Of course, similar to D2, these quests should provide these rewards once per difficulty so that would make it 4 in total thus increase the anticipation and excitement of players further. And the charms, ah the charms. I pray for the day that charms become available in D3.
1. To many Crap Drops. May it be rares / Sets / Legendary .... to much crap D: Atleast Set Items / Legendary should be worth it.

I somewhere read the suggestion of "Red Colored" Drops, which are truly legendary legendaries.

2. Reflect Damage. Go to Hell Affix. Go to Hell D:

3. The almost non-existing Story & non-exisiting Music (There seriously is no real soundtrack. Just some ...weird ...noises)
1. The amount of pointless rares is just ridiculous...Why put Dex on a barbarian only item????

2. Getting Affix - Jailer, Waller, Frozen, arcane = suck

3. The fact that BOSSES are so pointless to kill....It is insane to me that Act 4 is so pointless...Only if Diablo was guaranteed to drop a leg, Act 4 would be great.
1. no pvp
2. no pvp
3. no pvp
11/30/2012 07:04 AMPosted by TheFunGun21
1. Apparent lack of drive by the Diablo3 team

Buffed legendaries
2.No items ever leave the game

Play hardcore
3. Very few features and customization

GET SOME . . . dyes

Really are you serous? Dyes are customization wow I feel so different my pants are blue and yours are brown.
Lets see where to begin. I would assume no one at blizzard plays the game.

1. I have to have primary stat and high crit hit chance and crit damage for ANY class = no build variety/diversity whatsoever

2. World wide beta test at launch that cost 60$ to participate in and that is still in practice today, ie no finalized game yet...

3. Jay Wilson. Here is a guy who had the best game in the world to go from and what does this guy decide to do? MAJOR FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES TO GAME-PLAY.
people posting brimstones in general chat
having to check the 'enable monster power' box over and over
15% transaction fee
cannot dyes legendaries
1. The lag at the start of the game can cost me a good 20,000 gold in repairs

2. All legendaries should all have compulsory stats (e.g. if it's a lvl 60 Wizard or Witch Doctor weapon, it MUST have intel boosts of higher than 300 and resource regen rates of above 20mana/arcane power per sec.)

3. Too many useless items
1) Gold botters
2) No PVP
3) AH and RMAH
4) Lack of new content, should have weekly and daily campain misions

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