Looking for mp5+ uber farming group

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Hi guys,

I have 3 IM's and was wondering if there was a group of 3 out there with 3 IM's each so that we could farm Ubers together.

I'm a 100k dps DH. Looking for a friendly group to hopefully have some fun and success at farming ubers. I don't even have an organ yet :(.

add me im keen nisbne15#6601
Add me too Troubleshoot#6790 I got 3 IM we can use after yours. Do 2 runs if you want
Add me, that is the further level I can do. Some guys help me to get the organs so I have only one ring. I have now 2 IM. I use a WW/CM wizard. Quite weak and low DPS (75K) but I can freeze an Urbe boss 80% of the time. Magda is a pain with that shield and bugs...but I will figure out something in the way..:-|

I can play after 9.00 pm Sydney time until 12.00 am.

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