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I can't seem to get away from my legacy nats. I also have the new nats, but I don't really find it that useful, not as much as my legacy. Maybe I got too used to the 2disc/sec.

What's a good DPS with legacy nats? I am hovering around 180-200k with or without steady aim. I don't use SS. I don't know where I can upgrade without losing legacy nats. I do realize I have slightly above average gear, but I only have about 300M on me.

What to do!
Yah, with legacy nat, you will be hitting the DPS wall. I hit the wall around 180k dps unbuffed (meaning no archery, no steady aim, no ss, and no follower buff)

You can probably opt for a better legacy boot. The one I had has 158 dex. You should be able to find one to upgrade.

Also, your legacy ring and cloak can also be upgraded.

Last time I checked. I think legacy nat actually follows a lot in price. I think the reason is because people starts to move to the new nat (myself included)
You could pick up a new Vile Ward fairly cheap, a 3pc Blackthorne's like mine would set you back just over 200M. I might have some bracers that would help.
Man with Steady Aim I have seen legacy folks hit over 300k dps. Without up to 265k. The higher end Windforce legacy i have seen up to 250k dps with Steady going on.

I'm happy with my dps in legacy right now, if I gear for survival like now I am at 200k with either my Calamity or my Windforce. I can go total glass and put on my Crit no vit Nat's helm and Inna's pants they add 10k dps each.

I agree about keeping the Legacy set up. I am more comfortable in my Legacy Nats and don't believe I will be changing, I can farm Ubers just fine at my dps in mp 9-10 in a 4 player game and I also still have much room for improvement stats wise both dps and ehp.
I'm in the same boat, but have a few of the new nat pieces plus a pretty good Andariel Visage I use for uber bosses. Yeah, it's extremely difficult to get your DPS up with Legacy Nats once you hit around 150k unbuffed DPS. I still love legacy for MPL1-2 EXP runs so I'm normally always wearing it.

My best suggestion is to get a Andariels Visage, start playing without the Discipline Regen and see how you like it.. Andariels are cheap and can boost your DPS by around 20k. This will help you get a feel on how to play without the DISC regen and gain a very good boost to your DPS.
I think you can hit over 250k+ with steady aim, I did and I'm using a calamity I am sure with a top ofthe line Manticore I could hit 300k easy. The trick is you need to get good gear everywhere else. Your legacy set is decent enough.
Im in the same boat..... what should i change to get more DPS without losing attack speed..?

I really want to stick with my Nats legacy :) Cant play the DH without it....
Get a nice witching hour, a nice trifecta rare ring or a Wailing host like mine, a nice Lacuni and get a better trifecta Amy, a better mainhand wep, more dex on that trifecta glove. Plenty of gear you can improve. Like i said in previous post you need really good gear in every other slot to backup Legacy Nats especially if your Nats is mediocre.
@METATRON: Thanks for the input !!
12/03/2012 01:51 PMPosted by grimdigital
@METATRON: Thanks for the input !!

NP, for best ban for your buck a nice Lacuni would give you a big boost in DPS since your reaching a point where more attack speed is a big boost to your damage output per second.
Im in the same boat..... what should i change to get more DPS without losing attack speed..?

I really want to stick with my Nats legacy :) Cant play the DH without it....

Just some ideas but:

2x socket Manty of course but that gets high.
Crit chance Nats helm, 4% helm gives me 10dps boost.
Crit Chance on your non Nats ring. Unity or Litany are nice. 4 cc = 10k dps.
You could muster up another 100 dex on a Dead Mans. Right now 10 dex is giving me 1k dps you shouldnt be too far off that mark.
Lacunis the attack speed would help but that crit would be hard to reach. Most lacunis 300mil or down only give 2500-4000k dps boost.
Litany's are nice but can't roll trifecta, Wailing host is better for raw DPS for a DH since they can roll trifecta, 150+ Mainstat and the bonus elite dmg 4%+
I'm at 275k dps with steady aim and archery with some decent survivability as well. I definitely have some upgrading that I can do. A nat's ring with CC, nat's boots with higher dex, trifect gloves, and of course witching hour, trifect jewelry and gloves and lacunis with cc can easily throw me over the 300k dps point. I would be losing a ton of survivability if I went with some of those items so I opt to not go for those.

I am interested in seeing what it's like with the new set + mempo tho. Would give me close to a 70k dps boost if I get all the right pieces.
Your two biggest dex booster can come from a high dex vile ward and double roll dex/vit DML. If I can upgrade to an 1300+ dex manticore I can prob go tp 250k unbuffed. That will be my ultimate upgrade but now I can't afford it. Good luck!
I'm also struggling with this problem, but now Im running 263k dps with buffs, 210k with only archery. Try getting crit damage on your gloves and a lot more dex in your dead man's. I also gave up the max disc. for more dex, since I never ran out of discipline anyway. At this point, I find/buy whatever I can that will give me a few thousand dps boost. If im lucky ill find upgrades for my equips, which has happened before.
i am a new nat user and i have nv used a legacy nats set before. apparently the drop in dps is the main reason why i stick with the new set. I think it depends on what mp lvl u are farming? Normally ppl go for mp1/2 run for exp and with vengeance and night stalker on, the disc replenish pretty fast (i am sure leg set is still way better). I still able to vault 80% of the time to clear all mobs. However, i would still like to try out the leg set but i am juz saving up some gold to get a decent set. If any of u guys wanna upgrade and sell ur old set pls let me know. lol
As others have said you really need to have your other gear be really good because of the low legacy stats. If you get really good items in other slots there really isn't a DPS wall per se. The wall depends on how much you want to spend on your gear and it gets super expensive. IMHO legacy nats is the only way to play....for now at least.
hear ya, i cant even break the 200k barrier ( without spending into billions or let go my defensive stats lol)

personally I think instead of blindly chasing dps, you might want to increase your AR slightly. take your time, you can farm mp 0/1 efficiently, you should be able to clear high mp level ubber too, that enough. unless u gearing for pvp, you can just slowly upgrade your gear to add on both dps and ehp stats slowly. I am averaging changing 1 piece of gear every month. so unless your cash in, or hit d3 lottery, it will be a long n never journey, so dun rush it
Quos... when will you ever return me the WF... zzzzzzzz

And ghostboner.. throw that calamity NOW.. and get back to the WF.
Quos... when will you ever return me the WF... zzzzzzzz

And ghostboner.. throw that calamity NOW.. and get back to the WF.

here come legacy WF user with near 250k dps, and 50 disc 400 ar and 45k hp

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