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Heya thar,

You probably haven't heard of me. Well, you mostly haven't. Mainly because I don't like to pop my head into the behind that is which the D3 community.

However, I feel that right now this is warranted because it has come to my attention that many of you know very little about the metagame "WW build" and how to optimally gear for it. And as a result, most of you either build yourself into a rut, make some terribly underpowered build for the price you pay or get in some ways "cheated" by some of the many popular gearing services within this community, well most of them are good its just one or two bad eggs that ruin it for the rest. (One of them just quit recently)

Even so, some of these builders are building based on outdated info and some builds that they might be making could be entirely subpar without you noticing. I will address this, but only for the WW build.

I will teach you the secrets of what you need to know to make your build awesome and CHEAP (CHEAP! This is the most important point of all). And as proof you may look at my male barb. That barb, can do MP10.

It only cost me 1m. And I got all the items in 20 mins, no sniping/ no camp-AH-till I find GG buyout. Just buyouts on AH within that 20 mins.

Here's some videos, featuring MP10 elite kills with 1m gear as courtesy of Wayneold. Please give him due credit, he's one of the best player's I've seen skill wise in this community.

Keeps 2:


Crypt of the Ancients:


Also, if you're coming in here and crying "Nerf barbs!" You probably haven't seen Athene do MP10 Diablo Naked or this Korean Wizard that kills MP10 elites in 10 seconds.


We're not the most OP class.


This thread will be pretty rudimentary. I can't type out 4 months worth of theorycrafting nor can I type all that I know about this build in just one day. I might take days for this. Expect constant updates.

In this thread I will have multiple sections:.

1: History of the WW build, the mechanics behind it and how it has progressed over the period of this game. (I'll put this right at the back, its pretty TL:DR and most people don't want to see it.

2: Metagame changes, how does it affect build optimization, what are the current gearing strategies of the many players in this game and what are the pros and cons of each strat.

3: AH strategies for gearing, what items to look out for, what is build maneuverability, how do you optimize each stat. How price perception shifts your strategy for AH.

4: Playstyles, build optimization, what most "pro" players are doing wrong, how to min/max. What skills are optimal? How do you plan your build?

5: This is part massive mindblow for some of you. How Diabloprogress rankings are WRONG. How TDPS/DPS calculators though useful in some sense but completely irrelevant for others.

6: Conclusion. Last words to end the guide.


I will call out some well known players out there. But the objective is not to create drama but to provide insight as to what these players are doing wrong.


Guys, you can debate, you can discuss. But remember that everyone has a different view than you. Its ok to disagree sometimes.

Learn the art of agreeing to disagree. :P

Also shoutout to everyone:

Guys! I won't be on all the time. Sometimes I've got IRL stuff... or the login server has issues so I can't respond. Anyone who's read the guide and have had the knowledge of the WW barb bestowed upon ye can also help give advice. I'll be looking through your advice though, so don't troll the less experienced. >.<

Also, please don't provide gearing services, give advice on what the other player should do, don't offer to gear him. >.<

However, if you see a barb in need and want to donate gear to him. Go ahead. There's no stopping you for that.
2: Metagame changes, how does it affect build optimization, what are the current gearing strategies of the many players in this game and what are the pros and cons of each strat.


2A) Optimal stat values. Misconceptions on what are optimum. Cheap and underpriced stats.etc on armor and weapons.

2B) The mechanics of EHP, what are Additive HP and HP multipliers. How to optimise both.

2C) The mechanics of DPS, what is Additive Damage and Damage multipliers. How to optimise both.

2D) What is sustain? How do I maximise sustain?

2E) DPS armor sets. Ideal DPS sets.

2F) Defensive armor sets. Ideal defensive sets.

2G) Weapon choices!

2H) Gearing your follower!


2A) Optimal stat values. Misconceptions on what are optimum. Cheap and underpriced stats.etc.

The most overrated stat of all time:

First and formost lets address the stat that many of you are familiar with.

It's all resistance (AR). Now I see players out there telling you to stack all resistance to 700 or more.

WRONG. Unless you really have the money to waste. 700 AR is way too expensive to be stacked to those amounts.

Ideally you want your Helm/Bracers/Belt/Chest/Boots/Pants/Shoulders to have AR. There are some exceptions to this, I.e. innas. in which case you'll have to get them on gloves.

The summation of an average of 70 AR on each of these pieces (along with the 2 piece IK set which is pretty much mandatory irregardless of build) will give you slightly below 600 AR total. Why you don't stack more than 7 pieces is simple. Because you have to get them on gear that you want to focus on DPS and on gear where the AR can cause the value of that gear slot to effectively double. This includes your Rings/Ammy and gloves. Shield users will have an easier time with AR stacking and can afford to stack to 700. Likewise because they can stack higher values of AR you can skip AR on one of the pieces to save money.

The most underrated stat of all time:

What would be the cheap and underpriced stat to get you your damage negation? Armor? Nope, people overprice that as well.

The answer is % damage reduction. For Melee % You can get these from the IK gloves and helm and from the 3 piece IK set/Blackthornes chest/Stormshield. For Ranged% you can get these from lacunis/ Blackthornes chest. And for Elite % you can get these from Litany rings (the only ring I really don't mind having defensive stats on for a more defensive setup), Blackthorne's chest, Blackthorne's boots, stormshield.

% damage reduction is currently the most underrated stat for the amount of reduction it actually gives you. It's an ideal stat for building economy builds that don't want to over rely on AR or armor for damage negation and I'llbe covering how it works, how to use it and how to optimize a build around it on the next section.

Other underrated stats:

Dex. Yes, Dex.

Dodge is something most barbs don't consider as part of their gearing strategies but oh boy is it extremely useful. It can help you to avoid fallen maniacs/explosions from molten elite deaths/that stupid ranged attack about to spear your face.

It also helps that you get Dodge from WoTB (yay!)

How dex increases dodge is a tiered system of diminishing returns.

100 dex = 10% dodge. 500 dex = 20% dodge. so on and so forth. I won't go higher because if you think I'm telling you to stack more than 500 dex you're retarded.

Now, 0 Dex (although its never 0) with WoTB = 25% dodge chance. Every 1 in 4 hits you dodge.

400 dex with WoTB = 34% dodge chance. Every 1 in 3 hits you dodge.

At paragon level 100 you should have around 167 dex (I might be wrong, please correct me). So yes, having dex on armor is less effective. But earlier on at lower paragon levels having that extra 300 dex or so might save your !@#.

I'm not telling you to actively SEARCH for dex. But if you do see an armor out there on AH with dex on it. DON'T go "oh dex, $%^- this *!@#". That armor might be really good.


2B) The mechanics of EHP, what are Additive HP and HP multipliers. How to optimise both.

EHP is comprised of two components. I'd like to call them Additive HP and HP multipliers. AD and HM for short.

Here's the general equation. EHP = (Base hp + AD) x HM.

Relatively simple.

Under AH you have:

1) Vit.

2) Life %.

Under HM you have:

1) Dodge and dex

2) Armor

3) AR and intelligence

4) A combination of Block % and Block value.

5) % damage reduction

Now, look at stat availabilty on items.

For Life% you can get them on Shoulders/ Chest/ Helm/Ring/Amulet/Belts/ Blackthorne pants/ Ice climbers. ( I counted shield out because life% on shield is not an optimal roll).

I've already mentioned as to where you can get % damage reduction above so I won't go into it again.

For the rest of the other AH/HM modifiers you can find them on virtually every armor.

One thing you need to know though. The Vit roll on Chest/Pants/Ammy can roll up to 200. It rolls a max of 100 everywhere else (not sure on rings, someone pls cfm)

How to optimize AH values?

As most of us know. 1 vit = 35 life.

1% life = (1/100) x (Vit x 35) life.

Most players doing gear services would say the best way to optimize it is by doing a spreadsheet and finding the ideal life%/vit ratio that you want.

Yes. They're absolutely correct.... only if you're never going to upgrade your character ever again after buying the set.

You see, Life% is so much more valuable than vit because:

1. Its underrated.

2. Most important point ever. It gives you room to maneuver.

Lets say you have 60% life and 1000 vit. Yes, you're not at the ideal vit/life % ratio and hence, losing more health than if you were to go 1200 vit and 48% life.

But if you remember, Life% is harder to obtain than vit on armor.What that means is, with more life % you'll find it easier to increase your AD with subsequent upgrades as your upgrades are more likely to have vit rather than life % ! :3

Secondly. Life% is relatively cheap on certain armors. I.e. Chest. Look at my IK's on my female barb.

A 190 str. 210 vit one would cost me 500m+.

... I got that for 320m.

And the more vit I stack subsequently, the more effective that 12% gets! :D (I got 190 vit from my new ammy recently, win)

And with each gain in paragon level I gain more vit! :3

Ideally, you'd want your EHP values to be around 1million to be comfortable.

How to optimize HM values?

If you thought the the theory for AH was long, HM is going to blow your mind.

I will be adressing HM from a "mob damage reduced" perspective rather than a "EHP" perspective as it will be easier to understand. In this case I'll remove block and dodge out of this as its easier to visualise.

Lets say a elite mob in MP10 A3 hits you for 100k damage.

How damage is reduced is that Damage dealt = 100k x (1-% damage reduction from AR/100)x (1- % damge reduction from armor/100) x (1- % melee or ranged damage reduction/100) x (1- % elite damage reduction/100) x (1- % damage reduction from crushing advance if applicable/100) x (100- % damage reduction from superstition if applicable/100)

What does this mean?

If you can afford high values of armor + AR. You should only stick to a MAXIMUM OF 2 damage reductions sources. As the more sources you have subsequently, the less effective each source is.

At 65% reduction from armor and 65% reduction from AR.

Mob hits= 100k x 0.35 x 0.35
= 12.25k

At 50% reduction from armor and 45% reduction from AR, 35% reduction from crushing advance, 20% melee reduction, 14% elite reduction

Mob hits= 100kx 0.50x0.55x0.65 x0.80x0.80 x 0.86

So it really depends on your budget. As I explained above if you cannot afford high AR, find ways to increase the number of sources of damage reduction at minimal cost. A good example is the 3 piece IK set. You can compensate for the AR loss on those with good % reductions.


2C) The mechanics of DPS, what is Additive Damage and Damage multipliers. How to optimise both.

Like EHP, DPS is a combination of two different factors. Additive damage and Damage multipliers. (AD and DM for short)

Additive Damage:

1) AVG damage from weapons.

2) AVG damage on Rings/Amulets.

Damage Multipliers:

1. CC. (helm, gloves, bracers, passives, skills, shield)

2. CD. (Weapons, rings, passive, WH, Amulet)

3. IAS and +xx APS. (Gloves, Mempos, Innas, Lacunis, WH, Rings, Amulet)

4. Strength. (Every-!@#$ing-thing)

5. % damage increase. (skills)


Most barbs gear wrongly in the sense that they tend to stack DM but completely neglect AD. (there are few barbs that do the inverse to complain about). And those that do skew their AD values to one stat and neglect the others.

You need to understand that a combination of both give you your dps. Also you need to understand where to get each DM and AD source from and how to balance them.

Now as you can see the stat that is the hardest to obtain here is AVG damage as they are only available from 3 sources: Weapons, rings, amulet, with 80% or more of it coming from weapons. Strength is the most common DM and hence should be prioritised lower over the other forms of DM to allow subsequent gearing maneuverability.

You must also know what IAS breakpoints on Nado tickrates are and decide on which breakpoint you want to hit. Get your IAS to that value and focus the rest on other DM sources.

This is slightly complex so ask me in posts. I'll try my best to respond.


2D) What is sustain? How do I maximise sustain?

There are two aspects of sustain that I'll be covering. Fury sustain and Life sustain.

For Life Sustain.

Survivability is a factor of two things, overall damage reduction and Life Sustain values.
Sustain is a term coined by Celanian (He has a thread up called "Hall of the Godly Barbarians") I prefer life generation as its more descriptive but its too much to type, sustain will suffice. :3 If you want to calculate it out you can go to www.d3rawr.com/d

Life Sustain is basically your ability to generate life. If you've ever tried standing still and not dealing damage as a WW barb you'd realise pretty early that you'd die in a few hits. What keeps you alive is your sustain.

Now with RLTW's proc rate being nerfed the primary and only form of life sustain that's used by most barbarians now is lifesteal.

So this section will be more about how much Lifesteal is required and how you should balance EHP and sustain values.

Lifesteal is a mechanic that allows you to steal health based off a % of the damage you do, that means that to optimize sustain you have to have enough dps for it to be useful. Hence, with lower dps, you must stack as much life sustain as possible. My 1M WW barb has about 70k dps buffed, hence I have to have at least 8% lifesteal. If he had 150k I could skimp it and drop to 5% lifesteal. Follow that principle.

Some of you might want to get higher dps via weapons without lifesteal (because they are cheaper) I would dissuade you from doing that. Having lifesteal on weapons gives you the flexibility to drop lifesteal on the belt for WH which gives more dps than a weapon with no lifesteal. I would refrain from using bloodthirst, more details are in the skill evaluation section.

Survivability = Health Gain over time - Damage taken over time

If your Survivability is in the negative it means either your damage reduction is too low or your life sustain is too low. As you've seen above, optimal damage reduction is 600 AR 6k armor. Hence the only way to go from here is to stack more life sustain, if you're at max possible sustain from gear (8-9, belt/weaps) then it means you've got to get more dps. My 1M barb is proof that this can be accomplished with minimal cost.

As you cross certain DPS thresholds you can start dropping life sustain. However, do not drop too much sustain or you will render yourself unable to combat reflect damage.

I believe survivability to be a way more important stat of measurement than EHP and it this is why Diabloprogress is so flawed in that it cannot rank based on this as survivability is a much better indication of a player's ability to survive in combat instead of EHP.

Life Sustain is a pretty straightforward stat. I think most of you will have very little questions on it.

For Fury sustain.

Fury Sustain is a WW barb's ability to generate fury, the resource required for all barbs to continously cast fury spenders. These included WW and Sprint, the two most commonly used spenders in the WW build.

At this point I assume most of you understand how fury sustain functions. First and formost, you should know that fury is generated from your critical hits as mentoned in the rune "Into the Fray from Battle Rage". Hence critical chance is an essential aspect of a WW barb. It is also tied to your Ticks per second (look above under the Nado tick breakpoint section) and it is hence a byproduct of your IAS.

However what I'm about to tell you next is what most barbs don't understand

When gearing a WW barb always gear a barb defensively first and foremost to be able to handle a higher MP level, before gearing offensively to deal the damage that will allow you to be more efficient in that MP level.


This is because if you start gearing for DPS before you hit the higher MP levels you will end up killing mobs too quickly in the lower MPs.

What does this mean?
Imagine this, you've WWed past a mob after farting a tornado on a ground that lasts for 3 seconds. If your damage was lower, the mob would have walked into the tornado and died, but only at the 2nd or 3rd second. This would mean during that duration you would have a chance of gaining fury for any crit within those 2 to 3 seconds. However if your DPS is too high you end up killing the mob in the first second of the Nado or less. What this means is that your overall Fury generated is now cut by 2/3s or 1/2.

This is why I always advocate increasing EHP through gear before increasing DPS. Some players can work around this because they're highly skilled at working the barb class, like Wayneold and can compensate the lower EHP with much better playing. Thus allowing them to play on higher MPs with lower defensive stats (they also compensate by picking defensive skills).

I will elaborate later on as to why focusing on defensive stats before moving on to gearing for DPS and not relying on Skills for defensive ability in the skills section.
But for anyone who can't wait here's a screenshot of my maximum buffed dps in an MP10 fight. It's massive. And the reason for it is that none of my skills are defensively orientated.


2E) DPS armor sets. Ideal DPS sets.

There are currently two sets of approaches to the WW build both with the same goal of improving DPS output.

One, focuses on Nado tick rates. In this build players will want to hit specific IAS on their OH to maximise the frequency and hence the total amount of ticks done by Nadoes while having a MH with a high dps range to maximise the damage of each tick. This build is ideal for more economical setups, mainly because it allows you to skimp on your OH dps and effectively allow you wield a "stat stick". As the majority of this build's DPS comes from Nados you can afford to kite more often as your WW will be doing at most 20-30% of your total dps. The negatives of this setup is pretty clear cut as well. As your weapons are setup to optimize a niche skill set you are only able to play that niche skill set properly.

That means it is extremely inefficient to incorporate abilities such as HoTA or Seismic slam or any ability that requires a strong OH to function optimally.

I like this build because of its cost efficiency, if you're planning just to play WW your entire time as a barb, this build is for you. But if you're a player who likes to switch around builds and try other stuff, not a good idea.

To optimize Nado tick rates look up Nubtro's thread:

The other setup for the WW barb relies on a completely different approach. This approach is more costly and it is what most geared barbs use today. In this approach you don't aim to stack IAS to hit ridiculously high breakpoints, you have enough IAS to hit the breakpoint you're comfortable with. But you also focus on high MH and OH damage to deal more WW/Frenzy/Bash/Overpower/HoTA damage. This build is flexible as it allows you to pick your form of damage output and doesn't restrict you to Nados as a form of dps. The only flaw with this is that it isn't cheap. But this should be your endgame ideal if you can afford it.

Gearcrafting for an ideal DPS set is pretty flexible. There are many different approaches to it

Objectively, this is what you'd want to accomplish minimally

500 AR.

5.5k armor

2.0 APS breakpoint.

50k hp.

5-8% lifesteal depending on your dps.

As much DPS as possible.

How to stack as much DPS as possible?

For armor, you'd want to focus more on defensive stats, your primary DM from armor will usually be strength and crit chance, the only exception to normally defensive set pieces will be Innas and Witching hour.

For innas, you have to understand that despite the flak it has gotten from the "pro barb community" it actually works. But you really need to go for a very specific setup. For Innas, the reason why you get it primarily is because Ice climbers (IC) has ridiculously high stats for a boots and that 10% to cold res is the strongest mitigation ability from any armor piece in the entire game. However, rolling movement speed on ICs increases it's sale value by 3-4x and makes it unbearably expensive. The second reason why you get it is because it gives you IAS, allowing you to hit a higher breakpoint for Nados without needing to stack it on amulets or rings where it is MUCH more expensive.

What determines the best Innas? Innas as you know has only 1 random roll, most people would consider AR/Str&vit/Vit rolls on innas as viable. I'm here to tell you that AR on innas is completely pointless. Why? Because 70 AR is the maximum roll for each armor. remember what I said about vit and pants? Vit rolls highest on pants/ammy/chest for armor rolls. So to fully optimize your innas, get high rolls of vit on them. You can go Str/vit combinations but these are usually more expensive (1.5-2x more) as they're purchased by barbs who want to make diabloprogress rankings. If you need more AR, stack it somewhere else.

For Witching hour, please understand that for barbs. The IK belt is the best belt of all time, hands down, its the most cost effective gear a barb can have. However, for DPS purposes WH outperforms it by a mile. A well rolled WH can outdps a well rolled IK belt by about 20k+ damage. That is substantial, 20k dps is effectively a 400m weapon upgrade or a 600m ammy upgade.

The problem with witching hour is simple, it is extremely hard to balance out your build without an IK belt. IK belts give you so much damage reduction and sustain, it also contributes to the IK set bonus allowing you to use IC/Mempos/rare gloves. Having a WH means you need to plan all your stats well and optimize each piece. If you're not at that point please avoid using a WH, its not worthwhile.

For me I got IK gloves with all res to compensate for the WH, I still keep my IK belt for RD mobs though. :p

To gear optimal DPS from rings and ammy you have to be mindful of your classes current DM balance, if you have enough IAS from WH/Innas/Mempos/Lacunis like I do, you can skimp on those on rings and ammy to save money. This reduces your reliance on trifectas which are stupidly expensive. Same with sockets, sockets are usually underpriced for the reason that most people can't afford radiant ruby gems.

For rings/ ammy. This is what you should be aiming for Strength/ CC/CD/AVG damage. High values for all of these. Socket if you find one with it.


2F) Defensive armor sets. Ideal defensive sets.

In this section we'll address defensive sets.

Now there are two ways about this. One is to stack high values on AR and Armor the other is to rely on multiple sources of reduction and stack a decent amount of each on it. I will not go into this because it is straightforward and many of you already do that. The other is to increase % damage reduction in gear.

Really depends on what you can afford and what you want to do. Take note by gearing multiple sources of reduction it is generally hard to increase DPS later on in the game. Your dps is capped to about 100k + whereas if you stack high AR and armor it allows you to easily transpose into a DPS setup as elaborated in Subsection 2F.

In here I'll be showing you how to utilize damage reduction% in your item setup. Credits are to haiyang#1387 who came up with the idea and theorycrafted with me its effectiveness. He's one of the very few barb's i've seen with 400k EHP that can solo mp10 comfortably.

He doesn't fully optimize it though because of budget constraints. But his profile with give you some semblance of how its done. (Take note that his profile is non static because he WILL change it based on his preferences, I'm only showing you how he stacks % reduction, you don't have to copy his gearset)


To optimize damage % reduction you have to go 3 piece IK, belt/helm/gloves. 4 piece blackthornes, chest/ pants/boots/ammy, stormshield, Litany ring, Band of the hollowed whispers and Lacunis with % ranged reduction.Aim for % elite reduction on blackthorne chest.

In total. You will hit about (not counting the stupid diminishing returns that come with it) 22% melee reduction, 28% elite reduction and 16% ranged reduction. (if all % roll perfect on each item)

Doing this will allow you to completely skimp on ridiculous amounts of all resistance. I believe this build can function with 300 AR and 5k armor. Rest of it goes into DPS/ flat HP.
Take note you can use this build with entry level pieces, meaning the cheapest items for each on the AH. So it's not really expensive at all. Notice on the profile above that he is dual wielding and is using rare ammy and rings. That was the only way to increase dps in that build.


2G) Weapon choices!

I know most of you have been waiting for this.

Weapon choices is one of the primary reasons why most barbarians waste money. Especially WW barbarians.

First things first. Here's a list of important stats that can roll on weapons (ranked in order of importance):

1. AVG damage.

2. Lifesteal.

3. Socket/Critical Damage (they're essentially the same thing)

4. Strength.

5. Vit.

Why do I rank lifesteal higher than that of critical damage/socket/strength?

I've seen most players gear to improve DPS rankings on offsites like Diabloprogress or etc. On these sites they seem to ignore the value of lifesteal altogether and most players do on the assumption that they can get the bloodthirst passive and proceed to stack for more paper dps. This stupid. Mainly because it puts you in a rut. Lets say if reflect damage gets buffed, (though I really hope not) these players would have suddenly realised "ohshi- I need more lifesteal nao. Changing your weapon in the event of a crisis like that happening is the worst thing that could happen to you. This is because weapons at a higher tier are usually godly... expensive and players who make that mistake commit to errors resulting in losses of hundred millions of gold. Try to avoid that.

Also, the use of the bloodthirst passive is stupid. I know it's massively tempting to go the way of the Diabloprogress DPS rankings but beserker rage or brawler give way more bonuses than you could get off a "10k dps higher weapon with no lifesteal". Some of you might complain that "omg, they have so low uptime" I'd probably respond with a "l2p". I'll go indepth on this in the skill choice section. But this approach to gearing for barbs has been terribad.

A fine example of this is Google337#1271. Recently upon a rumor that orignated off a blue post that RD was going to be nerfed he immediately sold his lifesteal MH (he had only 2.7% on gear then all of it was from his MH, selling it would drop it to 3% from just bloothirst alone) and got a higher dps weap with more critical damage. It was pretty amusing to then watch him die over and over again before he had to resign to the fact that they weren't going to do anything about RD and that having !@#$ty LS and sustain is bad. He promptly bought himself another MH with LS (that was crappier than the previous one he sold). Looking from his finances I'd say he probably lost 1b in that whole fiasco.

Lets run through the 3 most optimum dual wielding setups and two of that includes your favorite fear stick, Echoing Fury (EF).

High DPS MH + EF.

EF + Fast but low dps OH.

High DPS MH + Fast but low dps OH.

Heres some elaboration on each individual setup and my take on which is better.

High DPS MH + EF.

I would say this is the most ideal setup for a barb that you want to be able to play different skill builds. You could be a HoTA/WW hybrid or a throw/WW hybrid. You could play anything. The only cons of this setup is that it's going to be expensive. A high dps EF and a high dps weapon you can expect to cost about 300m per piece. One MH I find really cost effective to fill that slot that fulfills the ranking system I listed above is the Butcher's Sickle. Personally, I've seen a !@#$ton of sickles in the market relatively underpriced compared to their rare counterparts and mostly unsold. The EF fury procs are largely rare and manageable due in part that the only few things that would proc it are WW (though probably only on initial cast), fury generating attacks and Overpower, hence removing the need for a cold SoJ. In this setup, the dps is skewed to WW and other forms of damage dealing skills, however RLTW still deals about half of the dps for your setup so hitting breakpoints are still as important.

EF + Fast but low dps OH.

Alot of players swear by this. This build is a variation on the classic WW build pioneered by kripparian but instead of using a High DPS MH you'll be using an EF to further maximise your RLTW by hitting the higher breakpoint thresholds. However as EF is on MH, it procs way more. I find it quite tough to pin point the source of this but I suspect it has to do with RLTW actually proccing the MH's CC. It's annoying to the point that if anyone runs this setup without a cold SoJ or a cold offhand to keep the fear in check it's an extremely inefficient setup. If you recall Acrimony used to have an EF on MH and a sword on OH. But whenever he advertised his DPS it'd be at 240k... with no cold SOJ or OH. His actual combat dps was much lower because of the fear procs and the fact that a good 30% of the mobs he's trying to kill run off from the pack of mobs he's WWing. Its an example of deceptive skill building that tricks the less informed into thinking that the setup is ideal (high dps, ehp ftw), especially since his MH EF had no lifesteal. I heard he sold his gear for 12b, fanboys + deceptive gearing ftw!

High DPS MH + Fast but low dps OH.

About the same as the above but because of the fact that you don't get the +xx APS it's much harder to hit the APS required to hit the higher breakpoints. You'll realise that as a result you're extremely over reliant on % ias from gear and might make gearing in that respect much harder.

However, you don't constantly fear stuff you attack, so it has its benefits.

Popular misconceptions:

Most players prefer to use a mace or axe for MH. But most do not realise that if your CC is pretty high you can afford to drop the axe or mace as your MH and use a high dps sword as an MH. The 15% from weapon master increases your dps by a decent amount once you've gone past a certain dps value.

ON 2H setups for WW. I don't really know that much about how 2H works because tbh I've avoided it like the plague. Sure, they're awesome for HoTA, rend , seismic slam but WW wise they seem too slow to help in the fury generation process. For that reason I won't comment much on it. But I wouldn't endorse it either.


2H) Gearing your follower!

The section below on gearing the scoundrel follower has been deemed outdated and hence, irrelevant. There's another way to gear your follower to help you in locking down pesky elites and clusters of mobs, and this setup will not only cost less, but also allow you to use the enchantress which will make it easier for most of you to hit the IAS breakpoints for Nados.

Guess which weapon will we be using for the enchantress?


Azurewrath! Try to get one with as much IAS and freeze as possible. As the metagame is still currently on Scoundrel + Buriza, most of you will be able to get these relatively cheap. (I hope)

Star of Azkaranth. Get one with as high of a freeze value as possible all of you who've already geared a scoundrel with one, just swap it over to your enchantress.

IAS + Vit + LOH rings. 2x IAS would bump your Enchantress's APS to about 2 APS (with a 20% IAS azurewrath), thats almost 2x faster than the scoundrel! D:

The LOH and VIT is to keep her alive.

Token. As much LOH + VIT as you can find. All res is optional.

The skills you will be using on her would be:

Charm or Forceful Push. Either which it doesn't really matter, all up to personal preference as either decision here is non crucial.

Powered armor. 5% to armor is nice, but the 30% slow to attackers would help you quite abit.

Erosion: Now, this skill takes the cake. When she casts erosion on an area with mobs in it as long as you have a pretty high chance to freeze (15%) you will be amazed at how effective this is. 15% more damage and a disable? Hell yea!

Focused Mind: For all of you WW barbs to buff up your APS, gives you greater ease in hitting your breakpoints. :P

Aight. Thats all folks, this setup is about as effective (maybe even more) than the scoundrel setup, and cheaper too!

I've kept the scoundrel setup up so that those who still want to go that route can refer to it. :D

This is by far my favorite subsection to talk about.

Up till now, most of you probably still use alkaizer's setup to farm. Enchantress with Maximus etc.

What if I told you that you could have a follower transform himself into a mini CM wiz that helps you freeze mobs that you're attacking?

Yep, the scoundrel is by far the most OP follower of all time, but only if you gear him properly.

Take a look at the scoundrel on my female barb.

Buriza with as much pierce as possible/ as much freeze as possible with a socket.

Coupled with 5% more freeze on a star of azkaranth he can have a max possible 20% chance to freeze! That means 1 out of every 5 mobs he hits gets frozen for more than 2 seconds. The pierce, coupled with multishot allows him to hit packs of enemies, freezing them in place.

What this does is increase your overall dps as mobs don't move and stand on your tornadoes and increases your survivability as mobs can't attack you. With Crippling shot, which has a 100% chance to slow for 60% it helps so much with kiting mobs.

The socket on the buriza is for the most expensive amethyst gem you can afford. Why? because the more LOH and Vit you stack on him the less likely he is to die and thus increasing his prescence on the battlefield to CC more often. That and vanish almost nearly renders him unkillable.

Why hysteria instead of anatomy? This is because at higher base DPS hysteria does more of a damage increase than anatomy.

There you have it, the CM wiz scoundrel extraodinaire.
Section 3: -Updating-
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Section 6: Conclusion
Section 1: The history of the WW.
This should be interesting :)
srry to invade ur thread uberjager but u seem to be the guy thats knows his stuff.
i bought this 2 hours ago for 100m, how much u think is it worth?

srry to invade ur thread uberjager but u seem to be the guy thats knows his stuff.
i bought this 2 hours ago for 100m, how much u think is it worth?


Herp derp. Obviously it is.

Also: Oshiet. I see you have EF. I'll cover it later in section 2 as to why MHing it is such a bad idea.
so how much would u say?

bout the ef ye i know they tend to run away...
so how much would u say?

bout the ef ye i know they tend to run away...

You're from EU bro. I wish I could tell you the EU market but I can't.

on US it'd be 200m easy. Someone might pay 250 for it but with the market like that it's pretty uncertain.
thnx man
11/23/2012 06:03 AMPosted by doughb1zzle

You can buy my old one. :3
no way your male barb does mp 10. he's got like what, 300 resists? i'd be surprised if he does mp 1. you didn't even get a 2nd ik piece for the +60 resist bonus.
Just a question about your build (I am very impressed with your gear by the way). On second barb, do you see the effects of the 25% increase in damage at max fury much? I can't seem to keep it up that high long enough, at least if I'm not in the middle of a massive pack.

Pretty cool that you're taking the time to do this though, I saw a monk one the other day, though it was about 2 pages long :P
11/23/2012 06:32 AMPosted by NurseBishop
no way your male barb does mp 10. he's got like what, 300 resists? i'd be surprised if he does mp 1. you didn't even get a 2nd ik piece for the +60 resist bonus.

Barb #2 is his what he's been using recently, most likely
......THAT barb!? the male? only cost 1m? is that a typo? and it can do mp10? ....dont u lie to me :P

DAMNIT! the decimal strikes again. mis-read. though you had 294k dps lol (i suck)

29k sounds like something you could get for 1m..... but still mp10? id have to see a vid, cuz frankly not to call you a liar, i just dont believe u
11/23/2012 06:10 AMPosted by Uberjager
as to why MHing it is such a bad idea.

Is this because of the APS inflating the DPS needed for 'nados?

I've only been back for a week and a few days after a 3 month break and have tried TONS of weapons switching around etc... I'm trying to get off LoH to make lifesteal @ 6.0% viable.

I understand if EF isn't the best potential mainhand unless it's 1200+ damage but everything else is too expensive unless I sacrifice str/crit/damage (most important along with str?)/lifesteal.

I'm nearing 200K damage buffed w/o WOTB but it's very difficult to find a good MH/OH.

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