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Need a tech support or sum1 who knows what there doing but for some reason d3 is choppy for me. as im playing it seems as i lag or something and when there are people playing with me it freezes for a little while, it makes them all jump ahead of me, makes me die so frequently.. i have the reqs for the game.. i can post them if need..
11/29/2012 01:17 AMPosted by OLDirtyMofo
d3 was choppy for me for 6 days, i had really bad latency over 2k msec. figured out today that my 3rd party D-Link usb wireless adapter SOFTWARE was the cause. i uninstalled it and then updated the drivers. now i am using built in windows one. latency back to normal. no spikes

So I need to uninstall my netgear genie? For this to work right?

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