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I vote leave Archon alone completely.....just rework the passives!
12/03/2012 06:57 AMPosted by vishnu
If I could change something about archon, I would make duration gains be based on damage instead of kills. That way the build could be used in high MP and in multiplayer without feeling gimp. (Although it might very well make it worse for MP0 farming).

I really like this idea but I think it should be added faster and by a % of the damage done.

For example: you do 75% damage in .5 sec to a mob. (1 tick), you get 75% of a second for that tick. you finish the mob and do 50% damage to a 2nd mob on the 2nd tick, you get 75% of a second on the 2nd tick.

So in the end you have the same results. 1 kill (100% damage) = 1 sec but you get it at every tick instead of every kill which can help you keep archon up longer in the higher MP. You also allow archon to be more efficient during multiple player.
I could easily go with Schenko7 and say archon is fine.

If I WERE to put forth an idea, it would be to scale the time gain from kills with the MP level. If it were proportional to mob HP, it would be great.

Even better? Just make the silly thing a buff like Magic Weapon. Have it last 4-5 minutes with no means to extend. The "downside" has really always been that you lose all your utility and defensive spells (unless you rune in teleport, in which case, you get that one).

BEST: Archon replaces your L-click, R-click, and "1" skills ("2" skill if you choose Slow Time or TP rune), and you can still access your other skills. Seems silly that we get more powerful but dumb. It would put it more on par with WotB.
sign me up :)

<- a stubborn archon player.
CM became stronger than even not because of ubers but MP system with insane hp.

CM works "on hit" so we don't care how many HP you have you will die eventually. While archon works "on kill" making high HP a huge problem and bad build with high HP regime we live under today.

Not a real fan of MP system in current state or maybe just wizard skills.

Anyway GL keeping archon flame alive guys until we are fixed.
Blizzard said they would like to make archon group-friendly, but what the hell does that mean to them? Meh.

In the good old days, team purple was awesome. Since the patch I lost the other half of my archon duo. :-(
@jenpeezey : interesting !! Did blizz really say that ? Where did you read it from ? Really wanna read it for info too :)
Horray for Archon! I'm home. :)
12/03/2012 06:18 AMPosted by JellzRoc
Which way to the cm/ww meeting?

BAH! Jellz, you could have been one of the best equipped Archon's in the game! :P

Archon here and happy with the build. Ever since breaking 100K dps (think this happened shortly after 1.0.4 came out) and managing to sustain Archon I've loved being Archon.

Admittedly I have a gear set allowing me to function as CM/WW (it's just weap, source and 2 rings so far from a 'true CM gearset'). I put that together as a stop-gap to help some friends out with IM bosses KW farms as needed, otherwise you can find me ghosting about in translucent purple form channeling beams of death.
They need to add a move speed bonus to Archon and let us rebuff in archon to balance us to barbs.
I feel uncool for having logged out in my CM gear. But really, my archon gear is way better :P !
Hello fellow Archon enthusiasts. It is still my primary build, I switch to SNS for high MP co-op/uber/key farming only.

So I figure I will share what I think is possibly the fastest Archon farming build I have played to date. The basis is teleport/scramble, but I also tried to make out-of-Archon viable. Disintegrate with Teleport Worm Hole, Illusionist, and to power all this - Power Hungry. Without any protective shield like DS or EA, illusionist gets triggered often as you jump from health globe to health globe. It also triggers in Archon form now as a bonus.

I've been playing around with it for a while and I just love the ability to move quickly in whatever situation presents itself. Due to almost infinite disintegrate it makes being out of Archon just as powerful as being in Archon, so there is no need for CM/EVO/Ward. Note that I do use a -3dis SOJ just to help move things along, and also use the measly 0.5AP/sec regen on the Templar.


If any of you try it let me know what you think.
I love Archon because I have the (almost) perfect weapon for it.
I've been mostly Archon since just after hitting 60. 55 paragon levels and still my favorite variety. Gets boring, but not as boring as CM/WW. I would love a way to spice it up a bit.

There seems to be a legit dichotomy for a wizard: Control wiz or Damage wiz. I just don't think the control aspect should require the spamming of buttons that fast, for that long.

As for archon habits, I admit that I keep my DPS fairly low and stay to MP3 or lower, with MP2 being my sweet spot.
Totally hooked on using my LS Sever for a weapon, and just haven't found anything good enough to upgrade from that. (Nothing like the +12,000-39,000 life on kill that I see).

Come to think of it, I will post an open question on the forum about that.
Keep on farming, and don't give up!

Eventually your archon gear will be so good that all you'll have to do to become CM is swap out 3-4 armor/weapon pieces.
I tried CMWW the other night with the appropriate gear swaps. Good lord I was bored.

Also a stubborn archon player. >_>
12/03/2012 02:13 PMPosted by jenpeezey

White boots purp chest!

Good thing archon hides the shame

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