Help me with what to upgrade next!

Witch Doctor
Hey guys just wanted to see what you think are my weakest pieces.
If you don't mind let me know what to replace and what stats to look for on the replacement.
Thanks in advance!
The first thing I notice about your gear is a complete lack of active life sustainment (you do have about 300 something regen).

Weapons are the only place WDs can have life steal. As you are using Acid Cloud it would be nice to have a life on hit weapon.

You use Acid Cloud but you have no life on hit to generate health. Life on hit (LoH) can be found on weapons, jewelry, and on Blackthorn's Jousting Mail (pants). Rings can have up to 450 LoH, Amulets 800, and Jousting mail 480 or so. Get at least 400 LoH right away. Work it past 1000 for long term goal.

Long term get your armor over 4000.

You could use a little more HP (40K or more) and All Res (400 or more) also.

If you have questions ask.
well with no LoH or LS and very low vitality and low defense like armor along with all resists you will die a lot I would think. I had a weapon with CD and socket and realized I gave up too much without lifesteal or LoH. I cannot afford a the 1Hander I want to complete my gear. Your weapon is nice but with no LoH, LS on rest of your pieces you are missing a big component a weapon with one of those can give you. Manajuma cutter (set piece) gives both LoH and LS if you look. Or LS by default and a socket with CD. I switch between my LoH/LS Manajuma cutter and my current weapon when I need the extra LoH/LS. Else my gear LoH gets me through most things on MP 7.

Amulet you could get with high LoH, CD and Int very cheap. Bracers are in dire need of upgrading and 500k could double their effectiveness. Pants get some high armor to help with defense, although they have some decent stats so probably not as important for you. Ring #2 could use a big upgrade (LoH, CD, CC, Int, Armor).

Since you don't list your budget not sure what to recommend. For 10 mil you could upgrade 1/2 your items by a decent amount of armor, vit, AR and LoH and you would notice a difference.

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