#1 Paragon in Americas and my thoughts on D3

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Congrats OP. Your post is spot-on; Blizz, PLEASE listen!
Congrats man. Glad a d/c didn't get you, because we know majority die due to that.
Anyways, I agree with your post, and I have been trying to get this type of message out also.

Along with all your suggestions I would also add:

-End game maps (either found or crafted at a new VENDOR) find a way to allow us to enchant/modify them to ramp up difficulty and in turn dropping better loot *like in Old Mythos or Path of Exile* This will give for an amazing end game.

-Gambling, please bring it back. Allow us to dump gold with chances to find specific things *rings,ammy's,crafting mats etc* Open socket armor's for future rune word types

-Allow the freedom to roam all acts without losing stacks like in D2 *join game in a1, use waypoint to act 4

-Allow us to disable cut scenes. Sick and tired of hitting space bar.

-Through crafting or a new vendor NPC, allow us to reroll stats for x amount of mats or gold.
you can also allow us to add sockets, imbue, enchant white to blues to rares etc

Great thoughts as well, thanks for sharing.
I don't see why paragon 100 HC would be considered an accomplishment.
It just proves that you can grind the same 'safe' runs thousands of times without death.

Jelly much?

Its considered an achievement, grinding ur !@# off without falling asleep on ur keyboard and staying focussed.
10 players would be ludacris. Even 8 would be madness.

Remember, Blizzard tested the game pre-release with different character limits. 4 was determined to feel just right.

I vote for 5.
MotherMedusa point of view: If I hit lvl100 paragon and make a suggestion thread then people will take that s!#$ srsly.

Community point of view: did that guy just say he was first?

he said first in America, which he is.


my god can ppl even read the title?
Great post regardless of who hit 100 first (don't care). The most succinct list of the major issues left in the game I have seen on these boards.
I like the HC pvp idea, although i would like to clarify and add something, in these "sparring" matches does the opponent get the gold you'd have to shell out or would the gold just disappear like it did in d2 for dieing effectively making a well needed gold sink, also If your in a DM i would like to see players dropping there items on death to make the risk worth the actual reward of PVP on hardcore, like you said who would want to risk there hero of 200+ hours for no reason? Make the player who dies drop all of his equipped items on death to the victor, because obviously they're of no use to him anymore.
Mostly agree on the OP's points.

Buffing worthless skills. Incidentally, barbarians actually have the most balanced skill sets in comparison to other classes who have like 8-10 good ones and the rest terrible.

Buffing hopeless legendaries. Like Wizardspike, Burning axe of Sankis etc needs at least two random rolls so they can get, on a good roll, two of the three, LS, OS or CD.

Most, except for the part about buffing rares. We had rares > legendaries since launch until 1.04. It didn't worked out. I don't see a point of buffing rares again. The one thing that is needed is ability to "transfer" the image of items so every top geared player doesn't look like Blinky the Patchwork Clown.
congrats on para 100. I like the idea on number 5 on low level legendary. Except Leoric Signet, I think majority of us will not spend time to farm lower than inferno. Current high end leg is already lack of wow factor and this make the low end leg even worse.

leg are meant to be unique and powerful.....current leg are lacking in this. Hope blizzard will improvise current leg.

And also pls look into the gems. Maybe we can mix two different gems to gain some additional stats. Its like set items. Equip two set items, give u some extra stats. The more sets u equip, the more extra stats u have. Same thing can be done to the gems since we have 4 type of gems.
First of all, congratulations!!

Secondly, thank you for taking the time to write *that much* of your thoughts. Lots of very good ideas in there.

Blizzard: [for the most part] this is what the players want.

I fully agree. Add PVP to that list (the one that was planned months ago).

Also congrats to OP for reaching lvl 100 Paragon on HC. No matter what the little jealous turds say, they didn't achieve it so, good job!
Congrats on HC 100.

Great post. Sticky request!
I just have one comment: BLIZ plz hire OP. Let him name his price if thats what it takes.
Nice job OP - hope this doesn't get buried in all the hate on these forums.

Love the game - would love it more with these suggestions.
Sir... You are a genius. bump+fav+sticky+anything else

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