#1 Paragon in Americas and my thoughts on D3

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I agree to everything! Great post!
i like your perfect world... sounds almost utopian...

But utopian means "no-place" so i guess we can never get that.
Great post and suggestions, OP.

We all know this game has amazing potential. The gameplay mechanics are second to none, in my opinion. I really mean that. The combat is so satisfying it's almost perfect.

But the game is just lacking in so many more areas that -could- make it one of the best games ever made. Little things that can make a difference.

I sincerely hope Blizzard start adding more content like you've suggested soon.
Amazing post.

Everything he mentioned would do wonders for this game. Everything that has kept me torn from truly loving D3 could all be solved with these changes. The game is in an okay place but you have very little content options and incentive for a great many tasks that were appealing in D2.
Gratz on paragon 100 .

11/28/2012 05:03 PMPosted by tyler
People have already hit paragon 100 in the US servers...lol.


i also agree whit a lot of the stuff u said , i hope blizz is seeing this and can actually do something about what u said .
Agree on all points, but they wont do it because it would mean we could have fun.

These are actually the reasons i quit again, waiting for next patches to come out. When they made D3 they should have taken the good parts and improved the bad parts. But instead they created a new game with D3 trademarks and first through the latest patches has the game become more diablo like.

I am very dissapointed that the hellfire ring is so bad. D2 ubers where cool and even the worst possible torch/anni was a best in slot item.
The hellfire ring has like a 1:100 chance to be decent and a 1:1000 chance to be equal with rare rings worth 50-100m. Pretty crappy for all the effort it takes
Congrats but how can you let 6 Europeans and 2 Taiwanese beat you to it. I mean the US has more players and servers and steroids and eepins yet only #9 overall. If you live in Australia then I would understand but otherwise it's unacceptable.
truly beautiful input, i have my fingers crossed that someone form the blizzard community reads it thoroughly
11/28/2012 04:58 PMPosted by MotherMedusa
I'm talking Stomp that pulls the entire screen of monsters. I'm talking demoralizing cry that makes every monster do 90% less dmg. I'm talking Call of the Ancients adds who follow you permanently, not for 20 seconds.

Damned ! Totally !

11/28/2012 04:58 PMPosted by MotherMedusa
Topaz could become a new defensive gem, with for example 300 AR. 300AR or 100% Crit dmg - that'll make people think.

Again Totally !

11/28/2012 04:58 PMPosted by MotherMedusa
Too many legendaries still lack the "wow" factor and don't allow to build around them

Sure, and there is just not enought good legendary, with unique affixes. End games setup are all made of the same gear, regardless the class (ok there is tiny difference :p). moreover because there is no attribute limit to equip items.
We reaaaaally need 2 times more good legendary. That is one of the MAIN interest in diablo series. Unique Items. I don't understand how this was not the main interest of developers. How they could wait 1.04 to begin...

Leave 60+ legendary drop rate where it's at. But also allow below-60 legendaries to drop as well.-----How about a lvl 30 helm that adds 50% movement speed and has 0 stats. How about a shield that generates 1% MF per second up to 200% above the cap?

That would also make people hink for really special build. Or just for the fun !

11/28/2012 04:58 PMPosted by MotherMedusa
make every area as good for farming as Alkaizer areas.

A lot of the actual game mechanics existes to push us to clear act instead of doing boss run. But actually we are doing Alkaizer run or at least Act3 run. The key and the boredom (after several day of doing the same thing) of act 3 are my only reason do do some act 1 and 2. Now that I have the infernal machine pan, I don't do act 4 run.
So, as Op said, make every area as good for farming as Alkaizer areas. Increase monster density every where else. So we'll clear from act 1 to 4 in an open world ! Damned !

11/28/2012 04:58 PMPosted by MotherMedusa
I should be able to get a little less loot in 5 Azmodans than in an average 10min Alk run. That's called options. Go beyond that. What if I want to spend an hour to clear full act and kill Azmodan with a stack of 30 NV?

11/28/2012 04:58 PMPosted by MotherMedusa
Give us reasons to kill bosses. How about Maghda sometimes drops top gems? Or Siegebreaker sometimes drops a material required for socketing. Or Diablo drops guaranteed lvl 63 legendary at 50 NV?

This goes together.
I don't know how this can be done, in order to avoid indefinite boss run for these new boss rewards. It's about balance on the odds to get them I gess. If on 1000 run of boss with 5 stack and (1000*(BossRunTime)/(AreaClearTime)) runs of areas clear I'll have the same quantity of rewards, but differents type, I'll do both.
About a open stack system, up to the number of the elit in the game, i don't know. Only if the additional stack give ponctual bonus as during a boss kill. For sure not with additional adventure bonus every stack.

For all the rest, they are interesting propositions, that maybe the devs would like to see them ^^

I don't give credit to the Op because of 100 paragon, but for these propositions than can bring diablo to DIABLO. But, nevertheless : Congratulation for the 100 !

11/28/2012 04:58 PMPosted by MotherMedusa
7. Provide incentives for starting new characters. Hellforge, bonus items on first boss kills, imbue, socketing, etc, did wonders to give incentives for players to roll new characters

Obviously ! I lvlup a lot of chars to hell for this forge and socket quests !
11/28/2012 06:35 PMPosted by Osterus
Agree with your ideas.

That we'll bring to CMs.

11/28/2012 06:35 PMPosted by Osterus
Too bad trolls will just focus on your paragon part.

That's %£*@ers who spam this ideas gold mine.
11/29/2012 12:11 AMPosted by DeLq
Congrats but how can you let 6 Europeans and 2 Taiwanese beat you to it. I mean the US has more players and servers and steroids and eepins yet only #9 overall. If you live in Australia then I would understand but otherwise it's unacceptable.
I'll tell you why. Because our players are too busy calling BS on everything and are too lazy to do the legwork when it comes to research and testing. Wanna know why the Alkaizer run is named Alkaizer run? Because he is the one who theorycrafted the route and put it into action. He did his own research into # of elites per map and how much XP each map provides and picked the ones that he could run the fastest that gave the most XP.

Wanna know why Azimuth made World First HC 100 Paragon? Because he listened to people talking about A1 Cain Set and he even crafted his own run in A1 to use when he couldn't use CotA. This topic was something that I was pushing more people to use but everyone on the forums came down hard on me and trolled the ever living crap out of me for even suggesting that it was comparable to the A3 run. Guess what, turned out that I was right. If more people listened, they would have been 100 Paragon too.
Good read, good suggestions from someone obviously likes the game and sees the potential it still has.
I hit level 10, non-hardcore.. still haven't hit 11.
Congratz Great post
OP, I share your opinion.
Congratulations on 100 paragon regardless of if you were 1st or 50th. Personally i'd love to play hardcore but the server instability keeps me from doing so.

This is one of the best posts i've seen in sometime and I honestly hope that the CM's will pass along your suggestions / perspective in it's entirety to the development team. I also hope that they at least entertain these suggestions with an open mind and consider them for more then just a brief moment in attempts to understand how these are vital core issues that many players, new and old, are facing. I understand the golden years have passed and this is not D2, however I do ask that members / managers of the development team not to dismiss enjoyment-proven features merely out of spite or the urge to prove something. You've already re-invented the wheel now lets make sure it can roll for a long time.
Best post I've read on the forums and I agree with everything.

Most of all: Channels so we can see our characters in a line at the bottom in the community.

Please and thanks
Congrats and great suggestions. Too bad they will fall on deaf ears or will come so late most people will have quit or given up. Still in D3 beta if you ask me and compared to D2 this game blows.
Great post and you brought back a lot of D2 memories with it. thanks.

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