Arcane Beams :(

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Arcane beams are fine.
Reflect damage is fine.
Molten is fine.

Just stop being glass cannons.
I can walk through them in MP10. They put AR and Armor affix in the game for a reason you know.

Unbuffed my all resistance is 830 and armor 5300.

If i turn on prismatic armor a wiz buff it jumps to 1100 and 7100 and I laugh at all damage. Fallen maniacs to the face no big deal. Arcane, molten anything is a joke and I dont even have to use a shield.

If anything all damage should be buffed like it was in PTR so shields get some love too.
I personally think they are under powered and over powered at the same time. This is what I mean buy that.

1.Under powered: Doesn't last as long as it should unless you got a mass amount of CC and has no radius to the beem, Also has bad ratio for LS/LOH for the dmg it does. Same to less dmg as a DH. with no protection.

2.Over powered: Cant think of anything now that I think of it.
You need more armor and more res. I can walk through a beam or two and not die, and that's really all you need because you just move around and dodge them
Aracne beams are fun. Would you like to see immune to physical, or extra strong affixes instead.

At least with arcane beams you have to dance around them and for me taht is fun.
worst ones are usually molten, illusionist, waller and arcane illusionist waller.
They are only a problem for glass cannons with under 1m ehp. In my tank barb gear, I have over 5m ehp and I can stand in them for the most part.
11/29/2012 05:28 PMPosted by IRRebel5150
And I agree, when they get coupled with Waller or Jailer, much worse.

nightmare packs, its like a sick joke to watch my char turn 180 and run straight at some arcane sentury

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