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1 shot, game over. Won't matter how much armor, AR, or vitality anyone has. Somebody walking in with 150k-200K dps and a pile of crit damage will always end instantly.

Even if the crit hits were only averaging 600-700K damage and the other player managed to get 75% resistance overall with 150K hp, each incoming hit is still going to be doing 150k-200K damage. Add in the RMAH and people allowed to buy whatever they want at anytime, pay2win baby.

The most important stats are anything that's going to give you some sort of CC and damage. The rest is just trivial.
11/30/2012 02:19 PMPosted by Violentine
what is USD?

You've been staring at this thread for 2 hours pulling out your hair trying to get this? Keep at it lil' buddy!
maybe indestructable will become useful, or at least more useful

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