Multiboxing is legal or not? (C.S. said Yes)

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11/30/2012 12:56 PMPosted by Oray
Blue has already said it's legal, can you not read? Search the thread, not looking for it for you.

There is no such blue post I could find... I will be appreciated if you can link it here please.

I remember seeing the post he's referring to. But also too lazy to search for it.
botters make blizzard more money, and rumor has it that some botters have been banned.

How can 1 person play 4 games at 1 time without software or macro help?
What the heck is multiboxing?

Why does Croy think it's cheating?

Its playing 2-4 accounts simultaneously using one keyboard and mouse .

Ever heard of a KVM, Croy?
11/30/2012 01:43 PMPosted by nyet
Ever heard of a KVM, Croy?

uhhhhh duh. Just don't wanna let everyone and their dog to know how its done. Enough of this bull!@#$ is going on as is. Not sure i see your point as valid either. We are talking about how its either cheating or its not. And IMO it is straight up cheating.

Also Nyet... your profile screams botter lol. Sorry if i am wrong but i don't think i am lol.
I am really trying to understand how multiboxing impacts a ONE PLAYER GAME>

WHO CARES IF THEY RUN THREE/four ACCOUNTS. Jeez the stupidity. I really try to understand people who play this game and I just can't. If i ever do i will shoot myself...

but really how does the way someone else plays affect you in a 1 player game??

Do they steal farm from you ??? Do they Kill your toon over and over again??

How does it affect you ???

It does not and WHY DO YOU CARE HOW OTHERS ARE PLAYING. really. Next people will whine about someone playing with better graphics than some other person and thats unfair waa waa.

do you people whine about your neighbor using a snow blower while you are using a shovel?? i can just see you idiots crying to the city about that and trying to getting snow blowers banned too.
Greetings, While I cannot speak to the specific program ISBoxer, I can say that Blizzard does allow for Multiboxing. The normal game rules still apply and automated software is still against the rules, but Macros and Key Bindings are not always. As far as how many characters you are allowed to play at once? You can play as many as you can pay for and use without using any automation software. I know of a guy that does 10 man raids by himself using about 8 different systems and various macros and key bindings. Blizzard is completely OK with this as long as our other rules are not being broken. Austin C. Account & Technical Services Blizzard Entertainment"

I'm pretty sure you can't get more legit than that.
yes, but doing it without using a cheat isnt worth the effort.
Of course it's legal. You think they're going to put you in jail for multi-boxing?
12/01/2012 07:32 AMPosted by ImmortalKing
Of course it's legal. You think they're going to put you in jail for multi-boxing?

This is not what I am asking... -.- Using multiboxing bannable from the game?
12/01/2012 07:35 AMPosted by Oray
Of course it's legal. You think they're going to put you in jail for multi-boxing?

This is not what I am asking... -.- Using multiboxing bannable from the game?

It's exactly what you are asking.

"Multiboxing is legal or not?"

Yes it's legal.
Multiboxing is completely unethical, heavily used by follow bots and or
gold bots. And against TOS.
However you need to see it in Blizzard's point of View.
Multiboxing means they bought 4 copies of D3. Also means that when they mass ban,
those boters will undoubtedly buy 4 more cd keys.
In the end Blizzard has a guaranteed sale of more games.

Simply put = Blizzard cares more about a steady income than about the majority of the
ONE time buyers.

Makes perfect business sense. Deal with it.
Croy, you don't speak for Blizzard and quite frankly no one seems to care what you think, so shove it. If you can't fathom how multiboxing is different than cheating, well then I feel sorry for you, you twit.
Still no blue to come in and clarify this issue?
I got the answer from their customer service representative as "YES", that means multiboxing is legal...

Here is the proof.

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