Anyone playing a strafe build like this?

Demon Hunter
I was just messing around experimenting with skills with my DH I was leveling and came across a build combination that seemed pretty fun. I tried a more basic build with elemental arrow and hungering arrow and it was pretty efficient, but I wanted something a bit different. The idea is you use evasive fire and strafe to keep away from getting hit. You run up near a mob, lay down a sentry and some spike traps or caltrops then start strafing backwards. While strafing backwards laying down more sentries and traps. Then for an extra damage boost there is rain of vengeance to throw in when needed.

Anyone have an experience with a strafe style build that could lend advice? My current build is:

I haven't tried this in inferno, but it seems like a variation on it could be effective and fun.
Yep, if you have decent gear you can blow through MP2-3 Inferno really easily with this build. I use pretty much the same exact thing.

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