Ball of lightning vs nether tentacles?

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Im just looking through hardcore builds on D3progress and wonder how come people use ball of lightning over nether tentacles?? is there something i'm missing?
the only reason id use ball lightning over tentacles is if you use night stalker to regain disc with crit hits.. since ball lighting hits each target twice it gets approx twice as many crit hits.. also has the benefit of AoE dmg.. and most ppl.. in all other situations i find the 3% life steal helps tremendously with high dps DHs and NT is easy to land on target constantly.. NT plus Shadow power can gain me 10k life each time i crit.. i do have life steal on my bow as well tho
where do u get this info that ball hits targets twice? :O
Turn on the option that shows the damage numbers when mobs are hit. Fire a ball at a mob. Count how many numbers appear over the mob.
Ball lightning may hit each target twice (usually), but it only has half the proc coefficient of NT (I think), so you're not going to regain more disc off any given target. And NT does AoE too, just with a smaller radius which is probably the main reason BL is preferred over NT. Another thing to note: the mechanics for BL are slightly different than the mechanics for NT. NT hits once for 155% damage, while BL can hit multiple times for half that. In the extreme case, when an elite has missile dampening, BL can hit the same target some ridiculous number of times, but normally it's only once or twice, sometimes more for a big boss.
i used NT for a long time and recently used BL for the first time, and BL definitely does more damage to groups. i'm pretty sure the lightning damage jumps in a wide radius and hits a lot more targets, which makes it really nice if you have high attacks per second and are farming low MP levels. but i still prefer shuriken/strafe for farming low MP.

give BL a try and just see how you can melt a large/wide pack of mobs with only a few shots. with NT, you'd only kill the mobs in the middle of the pack.
Are you sure bl has only half proc coefficient with crits?
12/04/2012 12:18 AMPosted by Camazon235
Are you sure bl has only half proc coefficient with crits?

yup, but it hit two times or more times with larger hit radius, so still good for ns proc
ever since the nerf on NT, its trash.

BL is for clearing trash with his huge AOE, why would u ever wana use NT over BL?
LFB/echoing blast is for killing elites, why would u ever wana use NT over those?

NT is terrible for both.
It's not even about the damage. I've use BL since they nerfed NT, and it's only for the reason of area. Hurling lighting into a mob will continue to branch out and hit a much wider area of baddies and it hits them twice. Tentacles does more damage, but you aren't hitting everything.
For damage on a single spot/badguy/group, using something like hungering arrow or bola shot is fantastic, but BL will destroy the larger groups quicker than NT any day.
From playing around, Ive found I like NT on higher mp and BL on lower MP. BL is great for speed clearing big groups, but on mp 5+ I prefer the life steal over the kill radius. The life steal keeps me from spamming gloom all the time so I can save the disc for when I really need it. My kill speed isnt really any slower on mp5 using NT.
I'm going to add that when you have shadow power up, the safety factor on BL is better than NT too because of the more stable stream of incoming life from multiple BL hits. It doesn't matter if the NT would heal you to full if you get almost one shotted the next second where another BL hit would have filled you again (considering SP up).

This is another reason why BL just can't be beat.
While I was levelling, I had no use for NT as BL did the wider area dmg and cleared all the trash mobs much much faster. The discp regen I got from BL was more than enough for me to maintain full discp most, if not all the time so I could either use vault or gloom (on RD mobs). My old NAts ring had 780 lok and that was more than enough life regen, coupled with hp globes to never have to spam gloom while moving through mobs.

I can see where NT may be useful on higher mp levels, but I'm guessing if those profiles you viewed are running BL, they may also be using Echo traps/Bola so their play style is to let themselves get surrounded, lay traps, and spam bola for mass area dmg. If you have 4-5+ monsters around you while traps and bola are going off, you will never have an issue with discp and will be able to maintain perm gloom, thus rendering NT pointless

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