Poor Barb Looking for Advice

Hey guys,

I've been working on my Barb recently and really like them. I've spent a decent amount of money but feel I'm stuck now. I can run MP3 decently with my gear but have been running MP1 for drops. I've found a few things, but nothing to make me a decent amount of cash. It seems all my upgrades are 5m+ at this point, and I have trouble making that in a week haha. Any tips on upgrades I could make cheaply?
loose though as nails and put in weapon master for addition crit chnce from your mace in main hand. try find weapons with sockets. If you have over 800 res buffed, i would recommend using andariel visage with low fire damage taken. That would give you an instant dps boost. they go for cheap, mine cost me 5m but you can find ones with less str that cost less than 1m. I wold recommend using a faster off hand weapon, like a sword or a dagger with socket. find a belt with lifesteal. Hope this helps
Weapons would be an obvious choice as you are missing out on a possible 200% crit damage. I'd also recommend dumping any MF gear if it's not up to par and get more dps based items. Remove that gem from helm and throw in the biggest ruby you have/afford and grind up to 30+ para asap. Remember that you get mf/gf bonus along with stat bonuses each level. That in itself is cheap. Once I hit my 30's, the drops started coming in and gold was adding up quick.
broham, you need movespeed for faster farm and easier permawrath.

change to ww:hurricane.

if you spent 5mil on new weapons you'd get alot of bang for your buck. Those current weapons are 50k gold each.
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