Whirlwind should default to movement speed

Look at almost every WW/Sprint build and you'll see the most popular and most effective rune for Whirlwind is Hurricane. Having Whirlwind moving at your movement speed is one of the key factors to the build as it allows for the maximum amount of whirlwinds from Run Like The Wind. This basically renders all of the other Whirlwind runes moot, even without Sprint, you just move too slow while using Whirlwind.

I'd like to see Blizzard change Whirlwind so it allows you to move at your movement speed by default. This would allow the other runes of the skill to be even close to being viable. Perhaps they can change the Hurricane rune to increase movement speed by some percentage. A Barbarian already moves pretty fast with the Hurricane rune, so choosing between even more speed or one of the other runes would make a more interesting choice.
Agreed. I would love to use blood funnel instead of Hurricane
I can definitely agree with this if they nerfed something on us again. The build is already really good as is. Now if we were to get even more movement speed or were able to use something like blood funnel... it just does not seem fair.
I miss my D2 ww barb wth 77% move speed
Completely agree.
completely 100% agree with you.. also, like someone above me said, it will be way too OP.. so, it will be quite unfair to the rest of the players, so i think they should nerf something, but not too important for the build, not like inro the fray, or Run Like The Wind..
not something too high profile.. like when they nerfed impunity.. i can live with that..
HOw can you agree? Its already stupidly over powered for the content in this game.
Blizzard wants to promote skill diversity without damaging existing builds too much. They've failed to some extent, DCYPL, such as obliterating the Bull Dozer build and Devil's Anvil build. About the only other rune that would be considered equally powerful to Hurricane is Blood Funnel with its 2.0% healing of max health per crit which can be changed in a number of ways so it wouldn't be too over powered.. The other runes of Hurricane don't seem overpowered and look pretty interesting to use if Hurricane weren't so damn efficient.
Omg yessas i would love to use volcanic eruption! Looks extremely awesome like a spinning fire spewing tornado of death oh and it makes it dothe dmg of THREE sprint nados :)

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