Demon Hunter Sharpshooter passive cc and cd

Bug Report
Ok so my Demon Hunter does around 250k dps with Sharpshooter on. Liike all know it increases the Critical Chance by 3% every second until it gets to 100% or until you do a Critical Hit, then it gives you a second before it resets to your normal Critical Chance. Well my problem is that I have about 36% Critical Chance but the highest Critical Damage I do is about 140k, but when i put Sharpshooter on it increases my Critical Chance and Damage.

Example: Critical Chance = 36% (base)
Critical Damage = 250%
DPS = 145k

Without Sharpshooter i do about 145k everytime i do a critical, which seems a little wrong to me, but when i put Sharpshooter on.

Example: Critical Chance = 100%
Critical Damage = 250%
DPS = 272k

Now every time i do a Critical Hit its almost 272k. I'm not sure if this is supposed to work like this but seems wrong to me and just wanted to point it out since i wanted to stop using Sharpshooter but i hate the downgrade in damage.

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