The bad lag for chinese playerin asia servers

Bug Report
I am a chinese palyer.Every day I alwaly's dead by the network not mine problem. ALL of the chinese players had to play dia3 in aisa servers, because the chinese mark is not open to dia3.But the aisa servers computer is in keroa. the network is so bad ,so lag ...alwalys the network lag is 400 500 800 1200ms (red ,is so red ,so sunshine!!! I want green)...the result is "YOU ARE DEAD".....Tell me why ? how can I paly this game ???? All of my chinese friends is complain about this problem .what are yours computer doing to try change this bad thing , is so bad , so bad... In china ,the palyer alwalys don't play HARDCORE MODE , why? because ,in HARDCORE MODE we usually not killed by the monster on our control ,but the bad network'lag (we can't move ,wn can't see the monster ,and later you are dead,how ???I DO nothing ,why is this reslut.I just want paly a game. Is not fair!!! )
and later the PVP. Please tell me,the chinese player is on the bad lag to play pvp?stand ,and see others kill himselfs,he's lag is 800ms 1000ms or off line?
this problem is beginning 20120716 when i satart paly this game and now is go on ...
i suggested yours company is do something for chinese palyer's bad lag ...ok? may be...u don't think so ... I suggest u can go to chinese ,just try ,do it !!!... A diablo1's diablo2's chinese fans written...
i am angry...and give up hope ...
PS: I play in my home,in my office, in coffee bar ,in ervery where .is the same result-bad lag.

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