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As topic implied; If you could have any shrine on permanently, but only one and no changing it for another. Which one would it be?
question the second; what would you be willing to pay for this boon?
Tho art all no fun. so sayeth the man.
There was already a thread on this a while back, and the overwhelming majority said Fleeting. That 25% speed boost makes D3 feel like a whole different game.
Ah, had no idea.
Yeah my picks were ether MS/AS/resource regen or resistance.
The resource regen shrine is the most broken for most classes.

The problem of having this permanently would be that it's a pseudo godmode for some classes. I'd get boring pretty quickly. As such I'd pay nothing to make the game more boring.
OMG what an dream this is lol...

I would love to have SPRINT or the SPEED shrine activated 24/7 because it is the most efficiant in the end compared to the others.

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fleeting. The game is so much more enjoyable to me at fleeting shrine speed.

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