Barb: Frenzy not increasing attack speed

Bug Report
As per title, frenzy is not increasing attack speed.

As you can see in the clip, frenzy stack goes up but attack speed does not.

Is this another “you’re a barb you should be using WW” or is it a bug?
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Frenzy shrines & wrath of the berserker do increase attack speed, but frenzy does not, no matter what weapon combination I'm using.
the tooltip is pretty much misleading imo...
It is meant to speed up and it used to.

The animation of the barbs arms does not even speed up, which is how I picked it up. I loved seeing how crazy my barb looked with all the frenzy buffs, but it does not work now.
I personally have a big problem with this. There is absolutely no way to be original with builds in this game because there are too few ways to be efficient. I'd love to make a frenzy barb but it makes no sense to because the skill doesn't even do what it says.
That's not only the case for barbs either.
Frenzy attack speed increases by 15% with each swing.

Frenzy only increases its own attack speed, not your general attack speed.

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