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So I'm in Act 3. I'm fighting some hulking beast action, I get caught in a corner with jailer, wall and archon beams. I'm trapped, but there are life globes all around me, I watch my life force drain, I know the inevitable will be death. Then it hits me. I quote Tom Petty to myself: "God it's so painful, something that's so close, but still so far out of reach."
it happens.
lol, i hate it when that happens.
wow, a tom petty quote, cool :)
sometimes it happens
Never give up Never surrender!!!


If you were using your barb, use Leap and never get cornered..
It's wierd, I've played Barb since D1, but never used leap. I'm ok with going down swinging, it's the Barb way.
Pick up radius fail :D
Zero pickup radius. Not sure why you even posted.

<3 for Tom Petty tho!
Well pick up radius is a double edged sword, right? You can't choose not to pick up one when you don't need it. That's my understanding, enlighten me if I'm wrong.
Pickup radius is meaningless unless you are actually moving. So if you were jailed, you could have a mile pickup radius and all those health globs 4 inches from you, would still be out of reach.

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