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OK' so I've been a long time player of blizzard's products and thus have obviously been wanting to get my hands on a copy of D3 for a while. ( didn't have the money) But now that I do I have spent a lot of time browsing the forums only to find countless complaints time and time again about how "bad" the game is in one form or another. I'm just curious to hear some real reasons about why someone shouldn't grab a copy. All of this has been fairly disappointing so far. To clarify some things in advance I don't care about the PvP aspect, the AH, or the gear grind.
The game is decent until you reach level 60 then there isnt anything to do.

yea you can grind for gear but its very limited so everyone gears the same, skills arent very interesting so everyone uses the same ones, barbs are the fastest farmers so everyone grinds with them.

If you expect something like D2 dont buy, if your fine with playing for a few weeks its ok.

D3 is more epic than TL2 as in finding valuable items and patch support from blizz, but TL2 is a better ARPG game than D3

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