Question about farming and lvling

Okay the more i'm reading on posts the more i get confused :( i'm reading everywhere that the best mp to farm is a low one as well as lvling. however i thought farming higher mp's give you a higher MF? like i hardly ever found any legendaries in the lower MP, but MP 5-8 seemed to have more legendary drops? Can anyone explain what truly is the best way to go about farming and lvling up?
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Think of it this way, you can kill mobs on mp5 for the 60% exp bonus, or you can kill 3x as many mobs on mp0-2 in the same time.

Unless your dps is pretty high the exp bonus is really not worth it.

For loot it's not so simple due to rng, but for me, higher drop quantity at low mp more than compensates for having lower mf.

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