Farming and resisting the urge to upgrade

Hi everyone. First time posting on the forums. I've been playing D3 since it first came out, then ragequitted after reaching inferno too quickly and realizing that I was severely undergeared. Then played a few other different games after that and then decided to come back here about a week ago. Since then i've been steadily upgrading my wizard based on a custom designed build. My income stream seems to be nowhere near some of the other wizards here and I have only ever resorted to looking for bargains in the AH to upgrade my wizard although I admit this has partially to do with the fact that I sometimes do not hesitate to buy even a slight upgrade for my wizard if I have the funds for it at the moment. That being said is there any advice you guys have on helping me on my gold-producing methods? And if slight upgrades are even worth it if it'll just deplete my gold reserves again. (I've never carried more than 1.3m gold at one time lol)
I was always sub 1mill and at best had 500-750k in general and just despairing upgrades myself. Candidly? FARM like mad. I had two solid days of game play and got a fair number of ok drops and suddenly I am at just short of 10mil, AFTER putting out a couple of million in upgrades.

Gold farming is good and I get a couple of hundred grand in gold on a decent run or two, but you are just hoping for that one magic legendary drop with millions or billions. No amount of gold farming can equal one multimillion lucky drop.
I used to do the same thing. I upgrade one piece if I could just afford it even if it was minimal. Now, I since I am comfortable with what MP levels I can farm, I hold off until I get a piece that will affect my dps or survivability in a meaningful way and moves me closer to my meta goals (armor setup I consider BiS for my needs).

I would say keep doing what you are doing until you reach the level where you are comfortable farming and finding good drops. For me, that level was around MP7 / MP8. Grant it that might not be completely efficient, but it's where I enjoy playing. Also, I would always suggest planning out a meta goal for yourself; What are your end-game pieces and how will you be able to move to those pieces one by one? What will each piece do to affect your character.
Yeah, 1.3M lol. I've never had more than 40M....and I'm usually at 3-5M. A few nights ago I was actually below 1M. Most of your revenue is going to come from selling things on the AH. The gold you pick up in the game adds up too, but (at least for me) mostly covers repairs.

Just rapidly/efficiently farm low MP's (2-4). The only things that have a chance to be worth anything on the AH (200k+) are:
rings - must have at least 2 of the 3 between CC, CD, and IAS to be worth anything.
amulets - same for rings.
gloves - same as rings.
bracers - must have at least 4 CC and probably Resist All or Armor or 100+ main stat
1H weapons - must have OS. Usually needs CD or LoH or LS as well.

There are exceptions, but not too many. BIS for most classes are legendaries now. Gloves and bracers and maybe helms and the occasional fast weapon (i.e. dagger) stacked with stats are the only valuable items. Everything else is pretty much insta-vendor trash. I don't pick it up anymore....but you can, just vendor it - each one is usually worth 2-3k. It adds up.

AH flipping is also a good past time to increase revenue. I was searching for an ammy with specific stats in the 15-25M range. Found one I liked for 18M....but there was another with eerily similar stats for 7M.....should have been worth at least 15M. Bought it for 7M, sold it for 15M, and made a nice profit.

Takes money to make money, I guess. Free market and all that.

Good luck.

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