How much legedary u drop per day ?

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How much legedary u drop per day ?
1-2 per 2-3 hours
2 per alk run on average. Mp6 450 mf.
I got 3 yesterday after about 4 hours of game time.

The first one dropped 5 minutes into my first 2 hour session, a 900 DPS Wizardspike (meh). Second one dropped after I defeated the first 3 monsters that got into the keep, a 1300 DPS Inna's Reach. (meh)

The 3rd one was a Mage wizard hat that sucked.

If anyone wants to try any of the 3, I'll give it to you, no charge. Otherwise, looks like brimstone.
20 was my best record after previous maintenance, I couldn't go on any more as I played till the game crashed with the infamous windows BSOD D: (first time I seen the game done this and never again)

did a reset and went to bed lol
I havent seen a legendary in over a month..... just unlucky i guess
0 or none because I'm not a mob...
Approximately 1 every 3 hours.
Appox 1 set drop per week since 1.0.5 (before then it was 2 set drops in 800 hours)

Tend to play MP4 with my Monk so that's about 300% MF bonus.
One roughly every 3 hours play. MP1-2 farming MF 350ish
~1/hr if i do alk runs on mp1. Max MF.
1-2 a month
One per 3 hours, sorta. All of them trash. Not playing much anymore, tbh. Too much pain, not enough profit.

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