Probably a dumb question

I see the 2.73 and 3.01 breakpoints discussed here a lot. I'm at 3.00 inside my slow time/stretch time bubble while wearing mt CC Storm Crow and 3.14 with non-CC Mempo in the bubble. I like the IAS of my Mempo, but I like the LoH and CC of my Storm Crow more.
My question is, are the 2.73 / 3.01 breakpoints with or without stretch time?

As a side note, I'm sure you're going to tell me to swap out my ammy for one with LoH and go to CC Mempo, but I really like the one I've got... It'll be hard to get rid of a 9 IAS, 10 CC, 76 AR and 265 Armor ammy for anything else out there. Also, I'm down to about 3 mil so a CC Mempo is a little out of reach for the time being.
Should I find a C Will with slightly better IAS to hit 3.01 over 3.00? Better Blackhorne's LoH? Again, 49 AR and 686 Armor is hard to give up.
The breakpoints are including all IAS, even stretch time, since it works just like 10% IAS from gear.

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