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For those who want to see what the set consisted of:


I'd love this set, I just hit 60 with my Monk and could use the DPS!

#42 WINNER..

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! You'll never know the pain of being a weak monk :D

Got bored last night and wanted to see what I could make with 30m off of all BIN items. Made it in about 10 minutes. Set ended up being built for 23.5M

Set is fairly balanced as you can see from the stats. Upgrading this set should be fairly easy down the road as the stats are diversified enough amongst the items so you can upgrade items 1 at a time.

Set can easily plow through mp1-3 for fast paragon levels.
Can solo ubers at mp6. Can do ubers at mp7-8 in team play. Tanks Ghom at mp7.

71-76k dps unbuffed (depends on your paragon lvl)
2.4 / 1.75 attack speed
5.6 life steal
44 Crit chance
307% crit damage
678 resist
4455 armor
55000 hp
24% movement speed
6 pickup radius

Q: How do you win this set?

A: Just post why you think you should receive this set.

People with a set better than this, please do not try and win this. This is for monks who are struggling in their current gear set.

ENDS 12/6/12 6:00 PST.

GL and Happy Holidays guys.
If someone would have told me what I'm about to say 2 months ago I wouldn't believe them. But, every once and I while I actually miss this game enough that I want to do a couple runs, but I don't have a set to do it with.

That's the best answer I can give!
I have nearly no idea what I''m doing with my monk and I'm constantly getting the wrong things and having to save up again, just to be wrong again. I also die too much on MP0.

Thank you for this opprotunity.
Hey Scrap,
Great props for you for doing this!
I just lvl up my gf monk to lvl 60 last week.
After reading Nameless, Piffle and LordRaahl’s guide ofcourse.
I did the best I could with my limited budget and my total set came out to be 4.7 mil.

I’m currently doing MP1 but I can move up to MP3 with deaths

I would love the set as I don’t have a lot of time to grind. = /
I’m busy IRL with work, volunteer, gf, family and friends. I’m like the chauffeur for the family = )

I try to squeeze in 1 hour a day to play but it just doesn’t happen sometime.
Have to sacrifice sleeping time for D3 lol

Any who if you can help me out with this set it’ll be awesome!
As for my current set, I can then donate it to my friend who’s even busier than me since he have a baby.

I normally don’t sell the stuff that I find and give them to my friends so I’m quite poor.

Good luck to everyone out there and thank you for your consideration = )

*edit; here's my monk http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/QHTran-1403/hero/25452306
I recently came back to playing and would really love some help gearing out.
A little different, I definitely do not need the gear, but I would like to request on the behalf of my buddy who does not go on the forums, Sunnyside http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sunnyside-1209/hero/3541724

He can benefit from this gear set and I am sure he will not be the worst geared monk on this chain, but as such, I am sure he would not mind then passing on his current set to another monk that could benefit making it a chain of beneficial gear upgrades for multiple monks!
Well if i won that set i would turn gay for you.
12/05/2012 04:05 PMPosted by Wrecked
Well if i won that set i would turn gay for you.

hmmmmm so temptingg lol
I dont need the set, but excellent work scrapz! and congrats to the eventual winner of scrapz's scraps.

It looks nicely balanced as a monk should :)

I could use the upgrade! Haven't had much luck, I'd give away my current gear to a new and fresh 60 monk player! :) It's not that good or worth much, but I'm sure someone would love to have my set.
As a full time college student/full time employee/new father I dont get as much time to play as others. From the little time I do have to play I have managed to scrap together a decent set so far. If I was to win this set, I would use my old set to give to another monk, therefore you would have 2 completely happy monks.
my wish for this xmas is tat i hope santa can get me a good set to play D3 without alwasy dying....
before leaving work bump
props to you on this scrapz, well done.
If someone would have told me what I'm about to say 2 months ago I wouldn't believe them. But, every once and I while I actually miss this game enough that I want to do a couple runs, but I don't have a set to do it with.

That's the best answer I can give!

Not to be rude if I am off base but.. Looking at your previous posts I found people commenting on some very nice gear.. Did you downgrade your monk to try and make him look worse so you could win the set? I mean you're at level 71 paragon.. It just looks suspicious and reading what scrapz is doing I want the gear to go to a home where it's needed.

As for the gear I hope you give it to a deserving monk (or future monk) scrapz!

Edit: Can't seem to link his name to the quote.. Clearly I am doing something wrong

I bought my copy like 2 weeks ago, earlier at premiere all copy in my city was sold + price on online shops was ridiculous. After that i get a job + had to study in meantime so i cannot afford playing it. So i missed a lot now im 53 monk gonna get 60 tommorow and with your items i would have so nice start. I would be able to farm some items or even help some of my friends.

So by helping me u help more then 1 person, becouse i would be able to help my friend by myself also.
Great u are helping community, hope i would be lucky enough to get this.

Regards and keep that god work

p.s. sry for my english, hope u understand what i wrote
Not putting my name in the set, but love the idea and your generosity. Another reason why this monk community rocks.
BTW amazing thread. Your generosity is quite impressive (not panning to your ego, genuinely impressed).

Anyways, I am a medical student without much time to grind for gear let alone play. Like many, I'm somewhat discouraged by the drop rates but actually find pleasure helping other low level characters level or work towards some other goal. About half my time is spent helping others instead of power leveling and grinding on my own character. This is why I have nearly 300hrs as my monk but have difficulty getting through mp3 :P

Would be excited to have a gear set like this so I can actually help myself and others get keys and beat ubers. It drives me nuts how much people are asking for to help on keys and ubers. IE your generosity would extend past your initial gift.

Regardless, this thread is amazing.

Ohh my battle tag is Blakalicious#1376. I don't know why my starcraft profile is all that shows up :(
Enjoy playing but keep dying all the time. Would be nice to have a set that would at least let me play a bit longer without dying...

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