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I've always felt like the monk was under powered because of my barbarian friend being so much better, but i recently realized its just my gear. I've never gotten any lucky drops so my funds are pretty low. I'm able to play on mp3 now but I still die all the time. This set would be a big upgrade for me and greatly appreciated.
I'd love this set, I just hit 60 with my Monk and could use the DPS!
Hey man, I've been playing Diablo 3 on and off since launch. I have over 100+ hours and I still have awful gear, I can just never get a good drop and when I get a stable gear set the meta changes. I struggle to take down mobs on mp2, I've never even had a good drop before so I can never afford any upgrades. I feel like I'm wasting my time farming and this may sound silly but I do not have the motivation to play Diablo when there is no return, I usually just exit game halfway through a farming run nowadays. I just hope I can win this set so I can get some enjoyment out of D3 again, it will definitely give me some motivation to start playing the game again.
Wow.. Am I too late for this lucky draw? If I won this set I will pass some of the gears to the guy above me ^
No not trying to scam at all... and I wouldn't accept any free gifts anyways as my post was to merely start the thread off and get it going to help him out. ;) Scrapz is a good guy and has been making positive posts for a long time, I wanted this thread to take off for him.Anyways to answer, I sold my char 1 month ago. Sometimes I feel like grinding though; I should have kept an alternate set. My loss (or gain however you want to look at it).
If you sold your char, you should have enough Money/Gold to buy a good set of items...

Anyways free bump and good look to the people who want this set. It's a pretty solid set, i cannot even imagine how he got that together for just 30m
Real or not figure this can't hurt. I've been playing monk since launch though all ther up and downs this class has seen. With school coming to an end at the end of the year I'll finally get a chance to enjoy the game again. between school and work i only usually get about 1.5 hrs of free time a day which hasn't allowed time to farm properly. Coming back full swing with this gear would be a fantastic starting point. it would allow me to farm mp6+ which would be great! so there you go. regardless, nice to see a gaming community where people like this are members.
Great way to share to the community. I need this for my monk friend who greatly needs some upgrades. This would be a huge upgrade for him. Thanks for giving the opportunity.
I should win the set cause i have NO idea wtf im doing.
thinking of completely rebuilding my monk, ur set would come in handy while i sell everything on my char...
+1 to scrapz.

Very generous sir.
12/06/2012 09:28 AMPosted by ElMascot
I should win the set cause i have NO idea wtf im doing.

you say you have NO idea... yet your damage is 82k... neat
Got tired of my squishy german artillery DH. Never really used a Monk other then lower diff farming / rushing some people. Building new Monk to try and farm ubers safely. This would be a great start to hopefully improve on in the future.
Get them entries in, ending in 8 hours!
12/06/2012 09:34 AMPosted by Chabi91
I should win the set cause i have NO idea wtf im doing.

you say you have NO idea... yet your damage is 82k... neat

Don't worry about guys like that, as stated in the OP. I will check everyone's profile before giving away the set. Will be going to someone who actually needs it.
why bs my stuff is not that good my monk is stuck at a stand still atm looking to further him any help would be awsome
Fiancee is always jealous of my damage compared to hers. She would be extatic to have a monk that can do close to what I can do so we can up our MP range while playing together.

Good luck all, and grats to the final winner! :)

Ohh, for checking links for validity -
Her account is here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Eaglegirl-1389/hero/7681771
Her equipment would end up going to my son's monk here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/cocofluff-1601/hero/17427735
It would be awesome if you could toss that my way, my monk is not bad but I can not get past Act 2 solo.
12/06/2012 09:34 AMPosted by Chabi91
I should win the set cause i have NO idea wtf im doing.

you say you have NO idea... yet your damage is 82k... neat

yeah ive had to ask just about everyone on the internet how to gear this monk, you should have seen the hot mess before i got some assistance.
Scapz I like what you have done here.

To spice up the pot I'll throw in a Radiant Star Emerald or Amethyst or Ruby for the winners Weapon or Helm.

Everyone's got a sad story apparently, why don't you just have a draw or something? This is kind of pathetic hearing from all of these people.

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