Fellow CM/WW Wiz to help me out for my gear

As stated .
i just started this wiz not long ago . And items are almost all given by my friends .

i just upgraded some of my eqs yesterday with a 5m budget .

Any suggestion of what items i can upgrade next ? cause items that i want are way too expensive . i want to know so i can farm up and save for the next upgrade
I am also new to CM/WW but I think overall you are okay.
I read the forum I know quite a lot from other contributor, so I will try to help if I can.

Stat to upgrade
- Armor (Current 3.9K, Recommended: 5K)
- AR (375, Ideal 700)
- APS (2.48, ideal 2.73 but try to hit at least 2.5, see below breakpoint for WW ticks)
You need to get 2% AIS to reach 2.5, or 15% to reach 2.73

~2.310 - 30 ticks
~2.500 - 33 ticks (entry)
~2.730 - 36 ticks (Mid)
~3.000 - 40 ticks (High)

You are using 1.65 aps wand and your total AIS now 50%
1.65 chants wand + 52% IAS = 2.508 aps.
1.65 chants wand + 63% IAS = 2.6895 aps.
1.65 chants wand + 65% IAS = 2.7225 aps.
1.65 chants wand + 71% IAS = 2.8215 aps.
1.65 chants wand + 79% IAS = 2.9535 aps.

For more details -

You have 20 APOC, 853 LOH, 44% cc, 31k HP which are pretty good.

Hope the above information helps.

Maybe other pros will be able to contribute more.
ok IMO... you need a Helm with CC on it... still suggesting a Storm Crow without a socket but with CC, with that you don't lose APoC and LOH... I think those go for around 10-20m for a decent one...
then a Witching hour belt... its one of those must have items for a CM/WW Wiz if you want to reach a certain 2.5+ breakpoint... around same 10-20m for a decent one... above that, you'd really pay more. paid 80+m for mine and it slightly above decent...

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