digital purchased d3, password change no work

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So i digital purchased diablo 3, have been waiting patiently, on act 2 now, level 14, still not able to go to auction house or trade... i tried the changing password trick, still didn't work, please help?
Ormus ,

Your transaction for the game purchase hasn't finalized yet, it's still in a "queued" state. Until it does, you'll be subject to a few trial account restrictions. It can take up to 72 hours for the order to be completed.
/depressing.... can't do much with my friends.. should have just bought a hard copy since the digital takes too long... i just don't see how anything on wow i buy is instant but yet when i do this it takes a long time, my friends only took like 20mins to verify yet mine takes long, totally unfair :(
It all depends on your bank Ormus. They take it from your account quickly but do not always get it to Blizzard rapidly. Due to the number of hackers/scammers/goldsellers using stolen credit cards to open accounts, Blizzard has had to put some restrictions in place to protect themselves and the playerbase. The same types of social restrictions apply to starter edition WoW accounts when you upgrade to a full version digitally.

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