A bit of help with gear please.

Hi i have recently just started to play my mage and spent a bit of gold on him but dont seem to be doin as much damage as i thought, i was wondering what would be better to upgrade now i have got my hands on some gold (roughly 100m).

Any help would be awsome. thank you
Looks like you are going the way of a CM/WW or SNS build with the gear and skills you have in your profile.

Here is my guide for a SNS wiz, if you haven't come across it yet:

First thing you ought to do on a nice budget like yours is get a witching hour. With 9 IAS that will push you into the 2.73 breakpoint and will make freezing elites and ubers alot easier. it will also give you some extra DPS.

To be effective running SNS you need to be tankier. More armor (though your armor, honestly, isn't too bad). More All resist. This will help with survivability. To this end, the witching hour that you buy ought to have armor and/or resist all. I would imagine that you could get a real nice one for 50M.

You should also be able to add 40 resist all to your blackthrorns for 15M - I think that's what mine cost.

You should also start investing in anything which increase your CC. Gloves, rings, ammy - you could squeeze out another 1-2CC from each of those slots. Sacrifice some INT if you have to.
Thank for the advice man really helped clear a few things up. Just went and bought a witching hour and looking into a few other things.

Cheers for the help.

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