Who's got the most Bad-A$$ Hell fire ring

Check out mine..got it on my first and only try. And i'm no where close to making another one...don't know if i should even bother
12/07/2012 02:44 AMPosted by DEVINE
I think my ring is pretty decent .. Wish it has my resist on it ..

This. So um...is it time for me to switch to fire resists? -.-
Mines ok... My Barb has a great Vitality one too.
the only one usable after crafted for about 30 rings.
still low CD, low Avg dam and low IAS :(
but max AR :)
Mine's not to awful, but nothing like some of the rings on this thread. It was my very first rolled one, I've rolled 6 or 7 since, none of them even come close.
After rolling about 10-15 (even two VIT ones, lol) I FINALLY rolled one that contained ANY CC, CD and/or IAS, and I actually rolled TWO of the three! I know it's not the most badass, but I'm pumped about it. Here's the stats:

196 Dex
64 All Resist
28% CD
5.5% CC

Just wanted to share since I finally rolled one worth using! :D
I had 40 of them, none have CC, tons of them have Health globe, and pick up radius.
Just rolled my first one. I'm happy for now. My only complaint is that I was geared for OWE fire res and i rolled a phys so there's some work to be done...
Solid roll Monkey! trifecta complete.
12/07/2012 05:27 PMPosted by Prawn
Check out mine..got it on my first and only try. And i'm no where close to making another one...don't know if i should even bother

That was your first?


Yeah honestly? I probably wouldn't bother.

EDIT: Whats with all these trifecta first rings -_-.

I have ONE ring that has rolled crit chance and none that have rolled CD or IaS. I've made 15 rings now.
I've made too many of these. My current one has 5 randoms... (hacks)
made 15 so far and they all blow
mine is not the best but it is a trifecta plus it has arcane which I stack, so that's an added bonus.
This topic is depressing.
First Rolled ring is now on my DH. I'm currently wearing my second rolled ring on my Monk. Both are usable but nothing special.
this is sad after seeing all the godly HF in here i just want to fukin quit ..
ive made over 250 hfs and the best one ive got is avg dmg 190 dex and 6%cri
thats the reason i got a new ring ...one day maybe i'll get one like cptcarl or drew ..
my fukin luck in D3 is insane ...(face palm)
woot! I just got a new shiny hellfire ring :) was a 2600 dps increase over my old one, and a 2500 HP upgrade as well. Pretty nifty!
the FIRST one I rolled got me
  • +2092 HP
  • +1896 DPS
  • +.3 protection

Sooo, ME!

It's nice to roll your first when the ring you have on is easy to beat out because now comes a LONG line of appointment's :(

AGAIN, thanks guys for helping me out...I'm not naming names but you know who you are :)

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