hardcore wd dead thanks to bug

my hardcore lvl10 wd just died thanks to some weird bug(never got it before) followed by unknown dc(cos i dont think it was caused by my net this time)

and my other acc got banned(~7 days for posting wts in wizard section) earlier today, made a thread bout it but the mod(probably the same one) conveniently erased it already.

anyway ~60hours n ~100mil wasted thanks to stupid bnet.. sigh
I know next to nothing about hardcore characters.. i can't handle character deaths >.< but i heard they might rollback your char if bug is legit? i'm not too sure.

Cheer up!=) go take a walk or something!

oh.. and because i'm not too sure about the pride involved in hardcore players, i'm not going to comment too much=x

"You will die, we promise." - Blizzard
Sorry to hear. R.I.P. I never even tried HC too many issues beyond ur control to make viable at least with my ISP.
thanks, at least killed diablo on first try so guess i should be happy with that.
definitely won't make another hc char cos i can lose everything by lag/dc/bug etc at any time.

probably good thing i got killed today so i dont waste more time/gold on hc, cos i would have got killed sooner or later thanks to some bs.
Yeah, I only have one L15 HC character. The more I think about it, the dumber HC sounds. Sure, it's all manly and you can brag about it, but the game is too buggy, the servers too unstable, for it to really be all about skill and caution.

Even though it was just SC, my WD didn't die until Hell Butcher (MP10). I would have completely wrecked the fight, but I got some weird bug where I could aim spells, but not move. Needless to say, standing still in the butcher fight isn't healthy, and I got killed. I just thought "glad this wasn't HC", reloaded the game to clear the bug, and won.

HC would be fine for a stable game.
sorry to hear bout your death aw3s0m0.

i never play alone, make some friends, play in grps, so you can back each other up in the event of bug/dc.

my hc wd is paragon 11, still alive and kicking, vessle procced twice so far, both my mistakes, learend alot from each proc.

sc is a snoozefest, where recklessness is encouraged. hc crushes it.
and contrary to my initial belief, hc doesnt move at a snail's pace. just need to play it smart.

let me know if you want to give hc another shot, aw3s0m0.

if i die at my own mistake, i'd gladly reroll, hc is only way to play.
thanks but im def done with hc..
i got ~30-40mil worth items in hc but im only gonna use my 2nd pro(lol) acc to sell em cos i dont even wanna make another hc char on my main acc.

only made hc char for the achievements, didnt even know hc gold was 4:1 compared to sc gold.
not sure if serious...
are you saying you spent 60 hours and millions of gold on a lvl 10??
Assuming he means Paragon lev10
not sure if serious...
are you saying you spent 60 hours and millions of gold on a lvl 10??

lvl11 paragon actually.. one click away since u can see it in my profile.
n he had more dps than ur sc char.
I lost three HC Barbs to disconnects and server lag. I won' continue my fourth because of it. Blizzard said they won't rollback for that either so...
There is no way I would play Hardcore with the current state of the game. It has a mini game all it's own staying alive against: lag, indirect latency, disconnects, wife starts !@#$ download etc...

These are all known issues, complaining about it is like buying a turd and then calling the seller and complaining that it smells like poo. Ridiculous.

At the same time, I am sorry for your loss.


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