ACT III - Bloodstained letter lore bug

Bug Report
Bloodstained letter lorebook from the Dead soldier never dropped for my characters - only gold instead - as if I already had the lore in journal.

I tried to find it with my first character (barbarian - created 5/2012) and now my second character (demon hunter - created 11/2012) - and always gold dropped instead of lorebook.

I searched this forum and Im not alone with this problem. It is the last achievement missing in my campaign achievements, so its quite annoying.
01/05/13 - Confirm a "Keep Depths Level 1" Dead Soldier gold drop when I do not have the lore book checked in my achievement status. Reports had stated a 100% chance of dropping. So either there is not a 100% chance or this is a bug. Based on other board posts, may be a bug.
Update - Dropped using a 06/12 created character ~3 days ago.

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