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This post is meant to offer some constructive suggestions to the Blizzard team. There are far too many negative posts filled with fully capitalized swearing, QQing, ramblings, and non-sense. It doesn't make any sense to me, if you want something you don't drop to the ground wailing and flailing your legs and arms demanding something. All of us should know from our childhood days that the chances of getting what we want from this method are slim to none. Blizzard has proven time and time again that they will give the majority what they want.

We all know many people have left D3 since it's initial release for various reasons, many have come back between patches as well, including myself. Those who remain should be banding together with the Blizzard staff to help create a game that is far beyond anything expected.

I know many of these suggestions have been made before:

Make the world open
- In D2 you could travel from act 1 - act 5 anywhere you wanted to go. I don't think this needs an explanation as to why it was great.

Make the game sociable
- We all miss logging in on our D2 character to the chat screen, we could talk and mingle, check out other peoples avatars and profiles.
- Make the current chat window expandable and be able to move it anywhere on the screen.

Secret Level
- The Whimsey Shire level was a great joke but that is all it ever should have been. I don't think it should be discarded, someone from the D3 team dedicated their time and expertise and it should remain.
- Give us a true secret level, even if you brought back the cow level except now they are all ghost cows since we killed em dead in D2. It would bring back so many memories and nostalgia that the community would love you for it.

World PvP
- This is the main reason so many people played for so long. Farming gear so you could make twinks to duel was one of the most thrilling times of D2. I remember my first duel still with my lvl 15 zealer, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest.
- Create a server where PKing is allowed to be toggled, I guarantee it will be flooded. That way you satisfy those who don't want it, and those who would kill their own grandmother for it.

Jewels, Runes, Charms, Runewords
- Every D2 player misses these bad boys. You could twink out your godly hero, twink out a low level dueler, or even just get that little bit of extra resist to help you progress through NM and Hell. I really hope all three of these items get a comeback if not soon at least in the xpac.

Create an equivalent to Larzuk's socket quest (D2)
- He adds sockets to any one of your items, even set and unique items, with the exception of those that cannot have sockets in the first place and items that already have sockets. This quest was great, it added a lot of re-playability to the game as well. I created countless characters so that I could socket some new item I had found or to make my main character even better.

Common complaints that I feel are not warranted:

Auction House
- Many have expressed their disgust for the AH, claiming it was just a way for blizzard to make money. This is the 21st century every gaming company in the world, scratch that, any company worth its weight in gold has one thing in mind...profit. The AH is not the anti-christ as many would claim.
- Many claim that you cannot progress without using the AH which has been proven false by other players
- In D2 you could not progress as anything unless you were a caster of some sort without either getting rushed, gaining chanter buff, giving yourself gear, trading other people for gear. The AH in my mind is no different than any of these options.

Bots ruin the game
- Again this is the 21st century, no game will ever have zero bots and that is just something we all have to get used too.
- D2 had countless botters, myself one of them. So saying bots ruin this game does not make any sense.
- I do agree that the AH bots who instantly out-bid you are extremely aggravating, but this is not ground breaking make or break the game stuff.

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