What gear do you guys recommend that I should upgrade next? I have about 100mil. Thanks.
Need link to your D3 profile for starters.
I think you will need to think of survival stat as well.
Your AR is low 441, your LOH is low 460, 14 APOC.

Since you do not have zuni ring, I would discard the zuni boot for maybe NAT boot for the AR.
You may also get 1 with INT/VIT.

If you wish to play CM/WW, I would recommend discard the strongarm because of the KB.
You wouldn't want your mob to 'auto move' out from your range when you spam your skills.

Hope it helps.
oh man... you are all mixed up right now it seems. If you are aimed at CM/WW, then you are going to have to "bite the bullet", and sacrifice a bit of the dps in order to get on the right track. It sucks having to do it, but paper dps means nothing when you get your build up to spec.

w/ 100mil...

- 15'ish mil: replace ammy w/ ais,cc,loh,vit (preferably 8+ cc), armor/int/vit/dmg/etc...
- 40'ish mil: replace trash inna pants w/ something that has armor/ar/vit. (If you can find blackthornes w/ armor and 50+ AR for a good deal... do it)
- 20'ish mil: replace left ring w/ 9ais, 5cc, 50+ AR, armor/int/vit/dmg/loh/etc...
- 5'ish mil: storm crow w/ 4% (14apoc just doesn't cut it)
- 20'ish mil: get some boots w/ AR/armor. You can either a: grab a good set of ice climbers, or b: grab nats boots and a nats ring (both having AR and 9% ais on the ring...). Option b will net you the 7% cc buff, but the ice climbers do have nice hp gain.

Now if I added this up right... These changes should get you "about" 180 extra AR, 550'ish armor, maybe add some LoH (if you get it on the ammy, if not, then you'll stay at 400'ish from the new helm), add 2 "Extra" pieces w/ spd, and add a bit to your cc. Keep in mind to watch your vit w/ all these changes and add it and armor where ever you can.
damn haha that's a big change. But yes i want CM/WW build thank you
Should i upgrade to a zunimassa's pox with ATK speed 9% or a crit chance 5%? I'm plannign to go crit mass build

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