Treasure Goblins

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What do you think they do in their spare time?

*Copy pasted from Facebook*
Work on the PvP patch obviously.
dont get killed.

@main event: Pvp is up on diablo2, why dont you go over there?
hanging out with friends; They can't be just stuck here in game. They also have their own lives to hang out !~~~!!! I mean goblins.
Treasure Goblins are the ones hacking people's accounts. Where do you think they get those items from?
Why do treasure goblins sometimes give nephalem and other times does not? Does anyone know?
They run Bots to farm gear and gold since the players keep stealing everything from them...
lets go to their land and find out!..I would love to make a "goblin machine" and tp to their land to do some goblin killing spree

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