What can I build with 350m

Thinking of restarting my monk. Main purpose is for MP10 ubers. Please check my profile if there are any gears I could keep.

I'm open to selling all current gears on monk and rebuilding from scratch again...
Just curious, are you trying to build a monk without owe? If so it'll cost more to do MP 10 ubers than 350m imo.
I'm open to OwE, I just want to know what should I get to gear for MP10
Gearing from the ground up to do mp10 with a monk will be extremely hard with 350m.

Not saying it's impossible, you could go for more of a tanky/sub 100k dps build and be fine, but would take you ages.

Monks are pretty expensive, you could build a barb with 200m at the most I'm sure and do mp10 fine though :).
12/06/2012 08:17 AMPosted by SrslySam91
Monks are pretty expensive, you could build a barb with 200m at the most I'm sure and do mp10 fine though :).

Sadly this holds true. A monk is very expensive to gear. You can get a very low dps monk but I'm sure you will hit the rage timer on ubers when you can't kill them fast enough.
I've never done MP 10 ubers so I don't know what sort of stats you'd be looking for to do that.

I have done MP 8 ubers though, and they're faceroll for me ... I think you could easily do that with a fraction of your money.

If someone could give me stat thresholds to look for I can give you a definitive answer of whether it's possible to do it or not. Namely just need DPS, EH, and amount of sustain (if you need 2x LS + LoH, or 1xLS + LoH, or just 1xLS etc).

edit: As for your current gear, I like your MH, I like your Belt a lot (though potentially you could upgrade with a Witching Hour - you belt is worth 45-60 million-ish, from when I looked yesterday), your chest is pretty solid though depending on the rest of your gear you might need the double rolled Vit, OR if you wanted to not use OwE the CR wouldn't be super helpful. Everything else you could do better with, imo.
my gears are worth about 350 - 400m, its pushing the limit to do mp 10. with a decent team, mp 9 is doable, however u would need an elite team to try mp 10.

edit: for comparsion tooltip, when i put on my vit gem and change the hellfire ring, im at 640 AR with 57k hp, 5K armor with EHP of about 540k. My DPS would be 132k unbuffed and still im not confident of taking on SB in mp 10.
Reusing your Chest, Belt, and OH, I looked through the AH and came up with a 110k dps, 500k EH, 421 LoH, 5.3% LS set for 288.5 million. At first I wanted to get an EF with lifesteal, but given that your OH is a dagger (slower weapons get more benefit) and doesn't have any CD, it was cheaper and more damage to just get a rare.

I was disappointed with that dmg, and just switching up the amulet to one without LoH added 6k dps.

Interestingly enough, I only spent about 108 on the gear itself, it's the weapons that hurt. I think to really get the best outcome you'd probably want to replace your OH, at the least, with one that has CD and then maybe think about switching out your belt for a Witching Hour (this would also allow for more options in weapons since you wouldn't need physical dmg ones to take advantage of the +Holy dmg on the belt). And again, this was just looking through what is currently available in the AH and only using buyouts, so you could probably get better stats for cheaper by using bids (or having a better idea of what you were aiming for!). I guess it's also worth mentioning that since I had 350 million to spend, I didn't look for the best deal once I got to the weapons ... I simply spent what I could afford to.

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