Diablo Bug

Bug Report
when fighting the dark Diablo, in the nightmarish 2nd stage of the fight (where you face off against yourself as well), I was trapped in his cage of bone and stunned, but i had also defeated him in that realm. So the cut scene ensued, while he was lifting up my character to ravage, and then I was facing off the red Diablo in the 3rd stage of the fight. BUT, my character was now perma-stunned and was continually taking damage up to a certain percentage at which point my character no longer took anymore damage, staying at 440/45000 health for the duration of the fight. The stun ended when another bone cage animation occurred, and only after being lifted up to take damage and laid down again did my character begin to respond as normal.

In essence, because of the animation occurring during the cutscene, I was stunned for about 3 minutes, unable to carry out any character actions and unable to die and be resurrected by a friend, until the same animation occurred again to correct the glitch.

This animation/cutscene bug needs to be fixed.

Thanks and good luck!


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